Living Room Fireplace Ideas As Amazing Focal Points min

Living Room Fireplace Ideas As Amazing Focal Points


The living room becomes the main room in the house which becomes a play area and jokes together with your guests and family, therefore the living room must have a more stylish, comfortable, and attention-grabbing appearance. One feature that is in the living room is a fireplace. The fireplace becomes an additional accessory in the living room and not all homes have it. A living room with a fireplace is a room in a house in a cold climate, a fireplace intended to warm the atmosphere and make the room more comfortable when cold weather strikes.

However, many homeowners do not understand how they will set their fireplaces to give a comfortable impression in the living room. With a little knowledge about decorating fireplaces, you will get a more efficient way to arrange the living room by inserting a fireplace into your room and using it more optimally.

Living Room Fireplace

Living Room Fireplace Ideas As Amazing Focal Points min

Create a focal point
If you have a simple brick fireplace or a stone fireplace from the ceiling that gives a more dramatic impression to the living room. So, you are a lucky person because your fireplace can be an attraction to your room. Fireplaces come with architecture that gives its own charm, not impossible if you make your fireplace as a focal point in your room. With a fireplace as a focal point in the room, you can arrange furniture to surround your fireplace and make a focal point in it. Try placing your biggest “SOFA” seat across from your fireplace and a few small “chairs or benches” standing on the side of your couch. It will all depend on how you arrange the layout in it and allow you to get sofas and small pieces of furniture that are perpendicular to the fireplace on your side and provide free space to provide more effective traffic. To give the fireplace more appeal, you can paint the walls in your fireplace with contrasting colors to attract attention in the living room.

Maybe in addition to the fireplace in your room also has several other features that require attention! Like a television with a large screen that might steal each other’s attention from your guests, or a window with a charming view and steal the attention. In fact, the fireplace has a rival in the theft of attention in the living room. So what if we really made this fireplace the winner of the attention stealer race? With Television, you will share your focus in the living room. By installing the television on the wall of the fireplace and arranging a comfortable seat by the side of the fireplace, you will get a comfortable area to enjoy your fireplace and your TV at the same time.

And if you have a large room with a window that has an amazing view, you can divide your seat for these two focal points. With one area facing the fireplace and one facing your window. This method will allow you and your guests to enjoy two features in one room. And when you have a room with a minimalist scale, you can arrange your furniture in a parallel line between the window and the fireplace that allows you to take two features simultaneously while sitting on your couch.

Share your space
If you use the open style in the living room and share your floor with the kitchen or dining room, then your fireplace can be a very perfect feature in the division of space. With direct ventilation style, you can add fireplaces on each side of the living room and build a wall around your fireplace and separate the living room from your kitchen or dining room. Or you can also use the option with a double-sided fireplace that allows your guests to get the view and sound of fire in both your rooms.

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Is your fireplace too old for your style now? And the fireplace needs repairs to adjust your decor? But has the Budget become an obstacle in your improvement? Using room design can be an option in reducing the fireplace area in your living room. What if we paint the fireplace and give a color that matches the walls around your fireplace. Keep the coat open and do not give artwork or a decorative object of value on your fireplace. One method of setting that will make the fireplace lack attention is to set your living room furniture away from the fireplace. This method will draw attention away from the fireplace and you will get the impression that you don’t have it. However, when you do this you must have other features that make your focal point instead of your fireplace. Wall art with a dramatic impression can be another option in making your focal point for a fireplace even faster.

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