7 List of Living Room Focal Point You Must Consider

7 List of Living Room Focal Point You Must Consider

The focal point is a feature in the room that attracts every eye that enters the space. Sometimes the focal point is already present with the architectural elements of the house such as windows, fireplaces, and sometimes the homeowner also has to make it with additional decorative items such as coffee tables, wall art, or so on. The living room focal point becomes an attraction for the room and improves the quality of the space itself and is often a starting point for conversation.

To get a Living room focal point, the best way is to choose items that stand out more. To get the best spatial focus, there are a few ideas you can consider!

7 List of Living Room Focal Point

Wall Art
A perfectly selected wall art is one of the most common living room focal points and a conversation starter in the living room. Wall art is also a way of introducing color as well as the personality of the homeowner. When using wall art, be sure to choose the one that stands out the most (attracts more attention).

  1. Choose a prominent part of the area, and make sure it matches the style you apply
  2. Large wall art or a group of art can be used as a living room focal point when you place it on one accent wall.
  3. Make sure to use room accent tones to determine your best wall art. This will make it easier for you to place the wall art in the room and make it tie the decor.

Wall art placed on top of the sofa is an excellent choice for a space focus, but make sure it doesn’t exceed the length of the sofa!

Fireplaces are often a natural Living room focal point or coincide with the construction of a house, but this is the case in Australia and some areas with cold climates. In fact, it is a very common choice for attractiveness as well as warmth in the living room.

However, a fireplace that is not turned on can also be decorated in such a way as to increase the appeal in the room. You might consider using a contrasting tone for the fireplace, and make it stand out from the other items.

You can add a mirror over the fireplace then add some ornamental plants in the center of the fireplace and a pair of candles on the side symmetrically positioned to make this area even more interesting!

Feature wall
Some people think that a feature wall is an old way to create a living room focal point. However, some people think this is an option that looks more attractive! Especially when you are lining the walls with various eye-catching items like stone or wood. This way you will draw more eyes to this wall.

You only need to maintain one feature wall, as too much use will make the eye jump from side to side with the impression of a busier space.

A feature wall can not only be filled with stone and wood, but you can give a wallpaper or paint it in a completely different tone from other walls. In fact, using paint on a feature wall is the easiest way to change the mood in your room. Besides being cheap, replacing existing paint is not a job that requires skilled workers!

Basically, to create a Living room focal point not only with what is on the wall, but you can also use a piece of furniture that stands out and makes it a focal point in the room. You don’t need to use the biggest piece of furniture available, but choose items that have more appeal in the living room.

Maybe an ottoman, or rocking chair in a bolder size and color might be a consideration!

Create a Living room focal point with the existing height
Luckily for those who have a living room with high ceilings, it can show off the existing height! You might consider a hanging pendant in a round shape that attracts a lot of attention from visitors, by emphasizing the height of the room. The spaciousness that is there will draw all eyes to the charming shape of your pendant.

These Simple Tips to Arrange Furniture In Your Living Room

Make sure to hang the pendant low and it will attract more attention! When hanging too high, the attraction is not optimal. You also have to adjust the harmony of your color in the room, a more attractive pendant with gold tones of brass or copper metal can be your alternative.

Large Window
Have a large window? Make them the Living room focal point! Living rooms with large windows often have interesting views, and they also need to be a rare natural focus of space! So, owners of houses with large windows are the lucky ones.

You just need to orient the furniture so that it faces the outdoor area, and let the light enter freely without any obstructions there!

For those who use the living room as a place to store and display their books, then don’t be surprised if you create a focal point for a living room with built-in shelves in your room. By including a bookshelf as the focus of space, every guest who enters the room will immediately focus on the collection of books you have.

Arranging them by color can be a better alternative to increase the attractiveness in your room.

Now that you know the various items that can be used as focal points in the living room. So, now is your turn to choose! Make sure that have and make it a focal point for the room. Good luck.

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