10 Living Room Furniture Arrangements Ideas

10 Living Room Furniture Arrangements Ideas

Furniture is one of the basic elements in decorating a room, especially for the living room. And unfortunately, arranging furniture is quite a daunting task. Empty space will look like a white canvas waiting to be decorated. Isn’t that scary? However, with these Living room furniture arrangements ideas you will be able to fill the room more practical and aesthetically pleasing.

In arranging furniture in the living room, it is imperative to pay attention to how the homeowner arranges his room strategically with the right arrangement, is comfortable, and provides a clear flow of space. Here are some Living room furniture arrangements ideas that you must try!

Living Room Furniture Arrangements Ideas

1. Start by determining a focus point
These living room furniture arrangements ideas require you to determine the focus in the room. Sometimes, these focal points present themselves (together when the house is created) natural focal points are often present as a raised window, or perhaps a built-in fireplace in one of your walls.

However, not all homes get a natural focal point in their living room. And requires you to build one, perhaps with a television, or a charming built-in cabinet. After getting the focal point in the room, then you can start by arranging the furniture around the focal point that you created.

2. Create a clear conversation area
Basically, living room furniture arrangements ideas aim to get a comfortable area and with a clear flow of conversation. After you find the focus in the living room, don’t forget to adjust the distance by placing the sofa and chairs facing each other or at least a short distance away.

This spacing allows every room user to speak more comfortably without having to raise his voice or stretch his neck. When arranging furniture, make sure the conversation area is an appropriate distance and makes it easier for your conversations with incoming guests.

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3. Do not push all furniture against the wall
It doesn’t matter how big space you have, but pushing the furniture too close to the wall is not a good thing to do. Even for a small living room, giving a little breathing room between the furniture and the wall is a good way to make space feel bigger than it really is.

Even having a little breathing space behind the sofa will make the living room feel bigger. You shouldn’t hesitate to leave a few inches between the furniture and the wall, as this will work great for your room.

4. Balance in Living Room Furniture Arrangements Ideas
The next living room furniture arrangements ideas are to create a visual balance in existing arrangements. This is very important to create a good arrangement in your room! When starting to place furniture, be sure to pay attention to the size and placement of your pieces.

Make sure not to group large pieces of furniture on one side and leave small pieces of furniture on the other. When you forget about it, the living room will feel lopsided and very uncomfortable (visually).

5. Create traffic flow to best
When you place your living room furniture, also make sure to arrange your furniture by paying attention to the traffic flow that will be present there. Make sure when someone passing through the room doesn’t trip over the furniture or have to push the furniture to get through!

Give a few feet of free space between the coffee table, sofa, and chairs. Make sure to create clear paths without having to make room users feel overwhelmed.

6. Use a large coffee table
If asked to choose or not to use a coffee table, then most people will think that a coffee table is a must for their living room. And a bigger coffee table is better for the room. A coffee table that is large enough is an excellent choice to enhance the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the space.

The coffee table will be used as a special place to place drinks, food, or additional accessories. By using a larger table, you will have easy access to drinks without having to stand or walk first.

When setting up a coffee table in the living room, also make sure to set aside a little space (at least it’s easy to get past). However, when you cannot find a coffee table that is quite the right size then using 2 small coffee tables is a better way.

7. Rugs
The rug is a very important item for these Living room furniture arrangements. The rug is a haven for the various pieces of furniture you have. Having a rug that is large enough to accommodate all the existing furniture will make it easier for you to define the room.

Make sure all the furniture legs rest on your rug, or at least the front legs! In this way, the living room will feel bigger and also comfortable.

8. Put the table on the long arm
You also have to pay attention to how the existing chairs are placed and make sure you have easier access to the side table or to the coffee table. Don’t let your arrangement put guests up or even walk over to the coffee table!

  1. Make sure to have a side table the same height as the arm of the sofa or shorter
  2. The coffee table is at least the same height as the chair or sofa.

9. Lighting
Don’t forget the lighting in your room, because the lighting is an important element that sets the atmosphere in your room. In the living room, you should have at least 3 sources of light such as a pendant lamp, floor lamp or table lamp, and wall sconces would be better.

10. The right wall art
Whatever you will hang on the wall (wall art, mirror, or photo) be sure to use the right size! Basically, art will set the mood in your living room while having wall art that is too large will eat up your furniture. And if you choose wall art that is too small, it won’t show up in your living room.)

For the success of these Living room furniture arrangements ideas, make sure you determine the right furniture and can unite the appearance in the room. To get the right setup, you can draw a floor plan with existing furniture or use an online planner to help you out.

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