You need to understand that the lighting in the living room will set the mood, color and have a big impact on the attractiveness of your room. Despite the many benefits of lighting, many people often overlook it! Some people even think that having less light will save and make the space more harmonious.

However, the fact is that the living room lighting which is not adjusted optimally will result in a decrease in mood and also the attractiveness of the room. You should try these Living room lighting design tips to enhance the charm of the living room and give it more appeal!

Living room lighting design ideas

When it comes to lighting in a living room, you should have 3 main light sources: ambient, main lighting, and task lighting (if required).

Ambient type lighting is the main light in the living room, and to make it work optimally in the room. A selection of pendants, chandeliers, and a spotlight will work really well in a room. Apart from lights, you can also combine this lighting with natural light that comes from windows, doors, and also the ceiling.

And task lighting will function to simplify your various activities such as reading, writing, and also playing on your cellphone. Providing the best task lighting is to add a pair of table lamps or wall lamps with arms that can be aimed at areas that need additional lighting!

Apart from the type of lighting, living room lighting design tips to increase the charm of space is to choose a light color to illuminate the room! Choosing a white bulb with a soft light will give the space a more traditional and comfortable atmosphere.

Living room lighting design tips with a soft white bulb will also give the impression of a more relaxed and friendly space for users. Whereas cool white lighting is lighting that is too energetic and has an impact on increasing focus, for this lighting it would be better if it was placed in an open concept living room.

Living room lighting design tips for the ceiling!

A modern-style living room will come with 2 different lighting options! Namely, pendant lighting as an understatement and a smart spotlight for main overhead lighting. The incorporation of a floor lamp or desk task lamp to a directional wall will also create an ambient impact on your space.

Living room lighting design tips with ceiling lights

The Best Living Room Lighting Design Tips With 3 arm pendant lamp

The Best Living Room Lighting Design Tips With 3 arm pendant lamp

Make a statement with a pendant lamp!

Living room lighting design tips with a contemporary style will be a very attractive focus for the living room. For those with high ceilings, you can add fixtures with a dramatic impact to the corners of the room.

Try using a 3-arm pendant lamp in dark colors to enhance the contemporary charm of the room, then complement it with a side table, and a ledge rack with a black striped pattern to strengthen the cohesion in the room!

Use a chandelier

In this day and age, using a chandelier for the living room sounds quite strange! However, their use in Living room lighting design tips will make your lighting more charming and feel contemporary.

In using chandeliers for living room lighting, you need to harmonize with the existing color scheme in the room.

Basically, a chandelier is a lighting addition that will increase the charm of a room. And to make the chandeliers work even better, pair them with dimmers and set the atmosphere to your liking!

Living room lighting design tips based on placement

Light up dark areas in the living room

Basically, by using a pendant lamp in the living room, we cannot illuminate every corner! When you find an area with a dark corner (a niche next to the fireplace) then provide additional lighting there. This addition will enhance the charm of the living room, make the space feel bigger, and create a more intimate impression of the space.

The Best Living Room Lighting Design Tips With Brass Floor Lamp

The Best Living Room Lighting Design Tips With Brass Floor Lamp

After you place additional lights on the existing dark areas, you will feel the room become more character!

Reading area

If you are a person who likes to read in your spare time, then don’t forget to create a reading area that’s entirely comfortable for you! A lamp with a pointing arm and head is a great addition for binding and parading the lighting to any area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.

Try using a lamp with a head that is large enough to provide a more perfect highlight to warm up and increase the comfort of your reading area.


Living room lighting design tips that should not be ignored are the size of the room and the scale that will be used! Giving additional floor lamps with the size is a sensible idea to make the living room more pleasant.

The slim floor lamp option is a space-free addition!

Create a symmetrical impression

Living room lighting design tips using a pair of table lamps with a symmetrical appearance will be a way to strengthen the scheme in the living room. And don’t forget to match the color of the hood based on the pillows and other details you have!

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Simple living room lighting design on a vertical area

Create the impression of Natural light

Placement is the key to the success of living room lighting design! One simple way of living room lighting design for the effect of natural light is to use a wall lamp. Wall lamps placed above the skylights are a great way to flood a space with dim light during the day.

Living Room Lighting Design Tips

Living Room Lighting Design Tips

And when the night can function as a charming light! A wall lamp that is placed in the right area will provide ambient light instead of sunlight.

Basically, placing lights in the vertical area of a room is a way to free up the floor area to make it more flexible. Thus, you can add various items there such as a sofa side table.

Wall Lighting to Improve Focus!

You need to know that providing some fixture that can be pointed at the wall, will make the focus of the space better with the fixed lighting it produces! Try to use a wall lamp with a pole that can be adjusted and pointed where it needs to be light.

This way, it will be easier for you to focus on a specific area and sharpen your existing appearance!

By applying the Living room lighting design tips above, it will be easier for you to create a comfortable, soothing and inviting money scheme! If you miss the ideas above, add them in the comments column.

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