Best Living Room Rug Placement Ideas Must Know

Best Living Room Rug Placement Ideas Must Know

For those of you who don’t have wall-to-wall carpets, you need to know that area rugs are an accessory that must be owned to maximize the sense of comfort in the living room. And you need to know that the carpet is the most appropriate item to add color, texture, and pattern to the living room. These living room rug placement ideas are a guide in optimizing the look and feel of your room, make sure you read them before you start!

For room decoration, a chosen rug has a big impact to ponder which is why choosing the wrong rugs will destroy the look and feel of the comfort in the room. Choosing rugs that are too small will make the space feel cramped, unfinished, and look claustrophobic. Here are Living room rug placement ideas so you can get the best rugs for space dimensions, furniture, and so on!

Living room rug placement ideas

Living room rug placement ideas based on room size
Do some homeowners think that 6 * 9-foot rugs look too big but is this true? Then what form is right for the room? What is a rug with a rectangular or square shape? However, you can find the best rugs by taking measurements in your living room first. Many living rooms use 8 * 10 or 9 * 12 rugs for their living room, but they may be smaller or bigger.

There are some general rules to follow when you are shopping for rugs (after getting the dimensions of the living room).

  1. Living room rug placement ideas for maximum results, you should ensure that the edges of the rugs are at least 10-18 inches from the wall. When you get too close, the room will look like it has wall-to-wall rugs. But, when you have a sofa that is leaning against the wall try to move it a little to get closer to the wall don’t let anyone see the edges of the rugs!
  2. The rugs are at least 6 inches in size, but 8 inches wider than the sofa is pretty convincing too.
  3. When you have a living room that is large enough, consider giving at least 30-60 inches of space between the larger pieces of furniture! This method will minimize the potential for tripping over the furniture leg. And when living rooms are smaller, try to aim for 18-25 inches of space between sections!

You can start by measuring the size of the rugs you want and placing the furniture with painter’s tape. This method won’t damage the floor or your rugs, is more budget-friendly, and also easier to get the best rugs placed in the living room!

Living room rug placement ideas with upholstery
With so many choices of materials, styles, sizes, durability, and also the product selection of rugs can literally eat up a lot of your budget!

When you surf the search engines and try to find rugs at a lower price, you will be presented with many choices. However, the simplest tip to minimize expenses and get the most out of it is to layer smaller rugs on top of the larger rugs!

Try lining the smaller rugs in the middle of the larger rugs, as edges of the rugs that are too close together can have more tripping potential for you!

Living room rug placement ideas based on furniture
You need to pay attention, before buying a carpet you must understand the placement of the furniture in the living room! Basically, the placement of furniture from one living room to another can be different. However, there are the most common setup tips for you to try:

  1. Ensure all furniture legs are above the rugs
    For those who have a large living room, you can try to place each of your large items on top of the rugs. These items are like sofas, coffee tables, armchairs, as well as side tables! Leave a little space, at least 8 inches between the edges of the furniture and the edges of the existing rugs.
  2. The forelegs are over the rugs
    The living room rug placement idea is to give your furniture a real traffic area, placing only the front legs will help you get the impression of a bigger space for a small room.
  3. Living room rug placement ideas  Floating furniture 
    In fact, this is not the best way to maximize the appearance of rugs in your living room! However, using this method can work when you have a rug that you really like! It’s just that you have to make sure to leave at least 5 inches from the edge of the sofa and the edges of your rugs.

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Basically, Living room rug placement ideas are not just based on how you find the best place to put the rugs. However, there are also some functions of the rugs that you should know before starting to place them. Here are some selection considerations that you must pay attention to!

Selection of rugs by function
To get the most out of Living room rug placement ideas, you should start by knowing how the rugs function themselves! Think about your lifestyle and how to use your living room. How will you live in this room? What is the appearance you want to produce and how comfortable is it in it?

It’s all about use and activity in your living room! Start thinking about how you spend your time in the living room, and this forms the basis for your Living room rug placement ideas and selection of the best rugs for you.

Living room rug placement ideas About Selection by size
Size rugs are sacred in living room decor, with full-sized rugs overwhelming a living room and textiles too small to give the impression of an unfinished space or not decorated wisely.

The traffic in the living room is also one of the key elements in determining the texture of your rugs. For those of you who have a room with many uses, with pets, then using wool, sisal, or woven cotton is the right idea!

For a low-traffic living room that is rarely touched, the use of rugs made of silk or more luxurious material is the best idea for you.

If you are looking for more affordable rugs, consider woolen rugs, hand-knit, or a combination of wool and silk!

Comfort and pleasure
Never be afraid of using color, because rugs with more attractive hues are a great way to hide wear and tear and allow you to enjoy your space more optimally!

To add dimension as well as visual appeal to the living room is to layer the rugs with similar and surprising colors and elements!

To find the right coating, you can start by assigning a solid base color to the rugs. We love how a rich jewel color becomes the base color of your rugs because the complementary colors are endless!

Then make sure to find the rugs in the pattern stand out in a bolder tone and layer on top! So whatever first note you have, will provide a captivating backdrop. Never hesitate in choosing textures and contrasts, because this can be a conversation starter in your living room.

Now that you’ve read these Living room rug placement ideas, we hope that you’ve gotten a little bit of an idea of ​​how to optimize the look of a living room using rugs. However, success is not instantaneous. Several times the research can get you the best results for your decorating project.

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