All About Living Room Side Table Ideas Must Know

All About Living Room Side Table Ideas Must Know

Sofa side tables come with a wide selection of materials, shapes, and sizes. The sheer number of options available makes some homeowners feel uncertain when it comes to choosing a table. Mistakes in the selection of a table can destroy the appearance and comfort of its use. That is why Living room side table ideas will be your guide when choosing a table for extra comfort and optimal appearance.

Living Room Side Table Ideas

Living room side table ideas based on height
Let’s get started with these Living room side table ideas by specifying the table height. This is very important in choosing a table. Basically, the side table should be at the same height or at least slightly lower than the armrests beside it.

The basis of this height is to provide a better visual flow in the room, and also aims to make it easier to reach drinks and turn on table lamps (if applicable). The average height of the sofa ranges from 25-32 inches, so at least you can use this benchmark for a side table or lower.

If you have a chair without arms, then you can use a shorter table such as a lawn chair or use the table height that is flat against your seat.

Living room side table ideas based on the look
When you start exploring furniture stores and trying to get the best side tables. You will definitely see a variety of shapes and styles that are quite a lot to consider. This can be very difficult for your selection project. When you start to hesitate, try to start considering the addition of a living room look by adding contrast to the side table.

Look at every piece of furniture you have, what are the patterns there? Incorporating a side table that looks different from other items will add more appeal to your living room. We love how copper or brass side tables adorn a living room! Apart from being charming, the material really does stand out from the rest of the furniture you have.

Living room side table ideas based on the shape of the table
If you are looking for a form that has a balance for the living room, then round shapes are the best for now they have a look that really balances the various shapes of your room. However, if you want more space to place various items on the coffee table then choosing a square shape is a great idea with more space on the surface.

Living room side table ideas by function
Basically, choosing a side table is not just about appearance, but also must ensure that there is a function to support your various needs. Maybe a side table that is quite wide can be the right choice for placing a remote, cellphone, book, magazine, or so on. When you have enough to store, try to use a side table with ample additional storage space.

The function of a side table belonging to one person to another can vary based on the number of places to sit and also how crowded it is in your living room.

And you also have to understand that style, shape, and also the finish does not have to match each other forever. Some people will prefer a different and contrasting look, rather than a match and a match!

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas Must Consider

The benefit of Living Room Side Table Ideas

In fact, many people think that using a side table is too much to fill the empty area in the living room. However, basically having a side table that is the right size will give you a lot more benefits. Some of the benefits that can be obtained include:

1. Living Room Side Table Ideas Give More Light
Living room side table ideas are the most appropriate place to provide additional lighting in the living room. Bringing in the accent type light will give the room a more attractive appearance, even by choosing lighting with a charming and beautiful look the appeal in your living room will increase.

2. Locate reading sources
By having a side table, you can take some reading books and place them beside the sofa. Not only is it easier to reach, you’ll have a comfortable place to read with a lamp on your side table. However, make sure not to pile up too many books as this can mess up the display there.

3. Strategic place for favorite items
If you have some favorite items then flaunt them there! Living room side table ideas is the most suitable place after the coffee table to show off various items you like. Maybe a minimalist brass bowl, a beautiful plate, or some other masterpiece.

Don’t forget to create a comfortable atmosphere there, you can start by using scented candles or some ornamental plants.

Living room side table ideas for the best results is to minimize the existing clutter. To keep the side table area clean, you can put it in a basket or a bowl to handle various small items such as watch locks and so on. This will give you a more effective and cleaner look.

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