The attractiveness of succulents makes this plant much desirable! This gorgeous-looking plant in a variety of shapes to choose from comes easy to care for and makes a bold statement wherever you put it.

Not only is it easy to care for, but succulents are an easy-to-care option for even novice planters. However, you should consider these Low maintenance outdoor succulents to make your arrangement and selection easier!

What makes these plants so delightful is that they become very beautiful plants even in areas with hot climates. Found to grow anywhere and increase the charm of the growing area.

Low Maintenance Options Considered Outdoor Succulents!

Before buying succulents for the yard, you need to start by knowing the needs and how the plant will care for them.

  • Succulents should be watered more in the summer! Those of you in a low-rainfall area should water at least once a week, and potting succulents need water at least 3 times a week.
  • To make the succulent last winter, you can reduce its irrigation!
  • Succulents do provide more appeal to a garden, but growing them independently is not an option. For a better look, try pairing your succulents with a variety of other plants to enhance them.
  • If you don’t know what succulents are good for your area, try visiting a provider!

List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents


This outdoor succulent plant is native to the North African Canary. These low maintenance outdoor succulents prefer a more humid area than other plants. Options like the Aeonium “Zwartkop” come in a darker purple-black finish.

List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents 2

List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents

They can also absorb excess sunlight, most of them having a rose-like appearance which makes them more attractive for planting in a hanging pot.

Aloe vera

Low maintenance outdoor succulents, this one comes from Africa, Madagascar, the Mediterranean with the appearance of spiky fleshy leaves. It often has a rose-like appearance, but aloes have a more striking floral appearance and bloom regularly.

The flowers will bloom perfectly from February to September! Some flowers have a tubular appearance in red, yellow, or orange and some come in 2 colors.

Gaharu is truly an outdoor succulent plant! Can grow to the size of a tree, the appearance of the leaves is smoother, wavy, and also prickly. The leaves will help channel water to the crown, keeping it moist and fresh at all times.


These low maintenance outdoor succulents are small to medium-sized succulents with fleshy leaves arranged in a variety of unique patterns. Some of these plants come with branched stems, and some are lower growing with thick leaves.


Low maintenance outdoor succulents are succulents with exquisite flowers, rosette patterned shape with fleshy petals in green, purple, gray, and red. When summer comes, this plant is dormant but likes it when the soil stays dry all the time.

What’s nice is that this plant can grow anywhere such as slopes, granite, rock gardens, and so on.


List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents 4

List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents

This one is perfect for outdoor succulents plants with a beautiful rose-like appearance in a variety of charming colors like white, green, pink, red, and gray. It has fleshy leaves with a green to gray appearance


It is an outdoor succulents plant that has more than 1,000 species and is still a family of euphorbia. Some of the varieties have a cactus-like appearance, and some come with accent displays that are very attractive to place in the garden.


The next low maintenance outdoor succulents are Graptopetalum, a plant native to Mexico and the United States that has a fleshy white appearance and also a light gray with a rose-like shape. What makes these plants special is that they can survive freezing and grow beautifully again when normal temperatures are below 20 degrees.

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You can place it wherever you want, such as a rocky garden, a rocky slope, on a wall, or even in a basket.


It is a plant that resembles Aloe with a clear gel in it! This plant is also grown based on variety, differences in varieties often lead to differences in size and color. Placement in shady areas is preferable and can grow better in winter in temperate climates.

Make sure not to overdo it with water, it can kill it!


List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents 3

List of Low Maintenance Outdoor Succulents

These outdoor succulents plants cannot withstand cold temperatures and prefer areas with humid climates. They come with delicate leaves, with luxurious flowers such as yellow, orange, pink, and white.


The next low maintenance outdoor succulents are Senecio, these plants come with more than 100 species such as blue chalk or fingers which are often used on the edges of landscapes because they are drought tolerant. Whereas a species like a fishhook can grow beautifully and very easily, requires little water, and can be used as a charming hanging plant even when the climate is dry.


It has fleshy leaves of varying shapes, colors, and sizes for each species. Some of them become shrubs with an upright appearance and some are small. Comes with small, star-like flowers, and can bloom in groups.

They can grow well in rocky areas, riverbanks, and even small areas that require added texture and bolder colors.

Of the several low maintenance outdoor succulents options above, which one do you think is the most attractive and suitable to be placed in your garden? This option is really charming and suitable for beginners who want to create a more charming garden look by adding a few succulents.