Luxurious White Ice Granite Ideas For Your Kitchen

Countertops become a favorite decoration for the kitchen. Since the art of stone carving was discovered, countertops have become a basic material for making furniture more durable and elegant for your kitchen. Although marble has a special place in the kitchen, this material will be more attractive than marble with a brighter finishing touch.
For now, we have an idea about a white ice granite countertop for your kitchen. Because it has the advantage of marble in terms of color, and also durability. With good and proper care for this granite, you will get years of endurance for your granite.
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Basically, Granite has many colors and diverse tones, besides that granite also has a very different pattern from marble. One type of granite that most homeowners are looking for is white ice granite with the contrast they offer.
Ice white granite, will not work with all the styles and constructions you have, you must understand how you choose the right place to place this granite to create an attractive ornament for a room. Are you going to put this granite in the bathroom, dining room or you can invest in a granite table in your room!
The advantages of installing white ice granite countertops
The basic ingredients of your granite have advantages in minimal maintenance and in a long period of time when you can do the installation well, in addition to minimal maintenance this granite is very beautiful with the pattern offered.
Granite is a smart choice for floors and walls, they will withstand busy traffic. In terms of durability and also minimal maintenance of this stone makes granite widely used for coatings.
You will get an amazing impression when you finish your stone treatment.
  • You will get thick patterns and contrasting colors
  • You will find a lot of colors in a piece of stone that makes it possible to hide the stain
  • As the white color on the wall, this stone will be a good emitter of natural light
  • You can combine these white ice granites with any color because they have a neutral color
  • Clean surface
  • Aesthetic value

This white ice granite is very different from marble, you probably won’t need regular maintenance to keep your stone shining. However, it is better if you keep the authenticity of your stone after you have installed it to give the impression as if you just got a stone that has just been produced.

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Before you decide to install this white ice granite you should know that these granites are indeed resistant to the shock and bustle of traffic in the kitchen, but they will not be overloaded with corrosive substances or excessive heat. Avoid heat to your stone and also spilled orange juice, vinegar, or ammonia you must clean it immediately because they have acids that are bad for this stone.
Coat your stone with enamel on its surface will make this stone always shiny. You can arrange this enamel coating. You can coat it every month or maybe a few months afterward.
A combination that will be popular with white ice granite
This stone will definitely not be the only element that will build countertops. You will also get a mixture of white, black and flexible chocolate. You will enjoy installing a white cabinet that will cause black lines and create contrast in your room.
You will feel the strangeness when you combine lots of white accents in your kitchen, even if you apply a lot of accents with white and also ice cubes you will not get the impression that is too cold or lacking charisma. The natural color of this stone is enough to fill your room with color. You will get a modern and luxurious impression when you combine this stone with your kitchen utensils, especially when you have stainless steel appliances.
Popular example

Metal touch – Industrial model
Basically, the metal touch will be perfect when you combine it with all types of kitchens, but you will get decor with a perfect industrial design when you combine it with this white granite. Doorbell, lamp, cabinet handle are accessories that will complete this combination. Because when you have a lot of equipment with stainless steel you will get perfection for this stone combination.

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