12 Ideas Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

12 Ideas Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

In fact, there are many homeowners who only have a little space for their garden, they are always asking how to make the garden look bigger and more attractive. Basically, creating a bigger appeal and appearance for the garden is not about how much it costs but about how creative you are. To make a small garden look bigger you just need to get more creative and these ideas are the perfect guide to try!

Make a Small Garden Look Bigger with Easy

Make a Small Garden Look Bigger with Larger planters

The first thing for a small garden to look bigger is to realize that you don’t have enough space to have lots of plants and shrubs there. To make the garden look bigger, you can start by using planters!

The planter is the right choice to get more plants in the small area you have. In fact, you can grow lots of plants in a large planter! For this reason, it makes more sense when using large planters than to include many small pots. Not only is it efficient, but the planters will look tidier and appear more stylish in your garden.

Use the vertical planting method

A small horizontal area confined to the garden cannot be used to include many plants there. So, the vertical planting method is a better idea to implement so that you have more plants there.

The small garden looks bigger with this method can be started by using a vertical shelf to place medium and small planters. And a plant smaller is better when you use vertical frames so they don’t interfere with each other.

Make a Small Garden Look Bigger with  multiple shelves

The shelf is a functional item for a small area! They serve as a place to place several plants without taking up much space on the ground. In fact, installing shelves in the garden or backyard can be done by DIY. And if you want to try it then wall mounting is the best way to do it. Because the existing fence cannot hold your plants.

Make a Small Garden Look Bigger Use a garden wall

Garden walls are a great alternative to creating a vertical garden that feels bigger. In fact, you can create a garden wall quite easily by simply building a wall and attaching some fabrics to hang your planters.

Apart from being used as a medium for planting, you can also make the wall the focal point of the garden by adding a few chairs for the seating area.

Use blue plants on the edges

Make a small garden look bigger by including colorful plants in your garden! You need to know that plants in blue placed on the edge of the garden will create visual shrinkage and make the garden stand out more.

Options like blue or lavender Agapanthus are an excellent idea to place on the side of the garden. If blue plants are difficult to find in your area, try not to use plants with hot tones such as red or orange near hedges. Its use can create a garden look that feels closer (visually).

Planters under windows

If you have a window that overlooks the garden, then you can create a better space or view for small plants. Placing a few planters near the windows or by making a window box is a great idea to make a small garden look bigger.

Make sure the plants don’t grow too big or they can block your view.

Paint your backdrop

A colored background can be eye-catching and provide the illusion of extra height and space! Incorporating 2 tone block colors will make the garden look even more festive, the dark tones of the background will give a statement and also complement the garden look with existing green leaves.

Use white

Everyone knows that white has a natural color that brightens and gives the impression of a bigger space! Using paint in white tones can give the appearance of a larger space, and it will also work for your smaller gardens.

Know About Vertical Garden Design in here!

A small garden look bigger can be created by painting a brick wall and bringing some white furniture in. This becomes a real scheme to increase the feeling of comfort when summer arrives.

Tall Plants

Sometimes we have to think outside the box in order to get the most out of the project of make a small garden look bigger! You will find many small gardens with small plants there. Try adding some taller plants or by including a few flowers, see what results you will get.

Options such as wild irises, foxgloves, verbena Bonadieses, and strelitzias are all worth considering.

Keep plants neat

Make a small garden look bigger by taking care of the clutter and creating the illusion that looks less will work for you. Make sure that when you are trying to bring some plants into the garden, give them some noticeable distance to allow them to move freely and not mess up the view.

Make a small garden look bigger by using the fence

You can make a garden look more fun by giving your fence some color. Vines and trellises make a perfect combination for creating a neater look in a small garden. Having a fence with lots of beautiful flowers will attract more attention.

This will also be a visual distraction for the small area you have.

Stick to your theme

The best and most sensible thing to do is to use a garden theme with only 1 or 2 tones. When you want to create a path or path in a garden, you must use only one color! And add color using flowering plants.

By using various colors on many objects and plants in a small garden, you will get the impression of a chaotic plant. So, be careful when bringing in some plants.


The tips above are ways to make a small garden look bigger! When this project is underway, you also have to make sure that the small garden is occupied with various items that you really need and get rid of various things that are not needed!

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