How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive In Budget 1

How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive In Budget

Everyone certainly hopes that they can bathe in a comfortable room and look good every time. However, having a luxurious bathroom costs a lot? Basically, to make an expensive bathroom look, we don’t need to spend extra money!

What is needed when Make bathroom look expensive is to be creative and know what items should be replaced or updated to create a room that feels more luxurious!

If you are looking for further inspiration to, make bathroom look expensive for a limited fee then your is at the right site. Here, we provide various tips for creating a more luxurious bathroom appearance without having to drain the bag too deep.

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Color Update

To make a bathroom look expensive, the easiest is to renew the appearance of the colors in the bathroom. One of the things that makes a bathroom feel boring is the color starting to fade. And the simplest way to update and enhance the look of a bathroom is to replace the existing color.

The choice of bright colors is very tempting, but considering that the bathroom is an area for refreshing and cleaning yourself, the use of neutral colors that are soothing and cool is the best choice to renew the look of your bathroom.

Tips for making an expensive bathroom look are to use paint that has a contrasting tone with the tiles, this method will increase the value of the bathroom and make it appear more charming!


How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive In Budget 2
How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive In Budget 2

Adding a mirror in a bathroom sounds like a trivial job, but it does a great job of increasing the appeal in it. Make an expensive bathroom look does not need to pay a lot of money, in fact, you only need to add the right mirror to make the room feel bigger and feel brighter.

The choice of a mirror that is large enough to place across from the incoming light is a good idea to enhance the charm of a bathroom and make it feel bigger than it really is.

Apart from adding a mirror, you can also replace some items that feel outdated or uncomfortable to look at. Try to see if toilets, sinks, and other items need replacement? By replacing some existing items, you can make bathroom look expensive without having to hire pro workers to do it!

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Bring in the plants

The next tip for making an expensive bathroom look is to bring some ornamental plants into the room. In addition to making the air quality better, carefully selected ornamental plants will make the room more calming and comfortable to live in.

In fact, if you are in doubt, bringing plants into the bathroom using imitation plants can be an alternative to use. However, this method will only make the bathroom have a variety of colors, not the quality of the air!

Wall decoration

Wall art is indeed synonymous with placement in spaces with social activities. However, who said you couldn’t put him in the bathroom? In fact, incorporating wall art into your bathroom will enhance the charm of your room.

The idea of ​​adding wall art to the bathroom is to choose art that makes users more relaxed and comfortable! This way, you will make bathroom look expensive without too many changes in it.

By incorporating wall art, you have more opportunities to increase the personal appeal as well as the color in the room.

Floor area

After optimizing the bathroom wall, now is the time to optimize the floor area in your bathroom! Keep in mind that, to increase the charm of the room we must pay attention to various aspects, especially on the floor and walls.

How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive In Budget 3
How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive In Budget

To make a bathroom look expensive, you can use elegant tiles with colors that complement the appearance of your room. And try to stick to neutral colors to keep the charm in the room.

In addition to paying attention to the existing tile choices, you must also take into account the addition of small rugs in certain areas to increase comfort and give the impression of a more spacious room.


The last thing in How to Make Bathroom Look Expensive in Budget is with lighting! To create a comfortable and calming atmosphere, you need to have good lighting and create a charming appearance in the space with your lighting.

Try LED input to create a better visual appearance for your room, then vary the lighting by layering it to increase the charm of your room. Try inserting the LED into the ceiling and adding a chandelier above the mirror.

This will increase your charm and help you apply your makeup more clearly! Apart from artificial lighting in the room, you should also consider the natural light that regularly enters the bathroom. In addition to making the room more spacious, natural lighting will also kill mold in the room.

By reading this Make Bathroom Look Expensive in Budget idea, you can start working on it gradually! You don’t have to go through all the ideas, you just have to do a few tricks that really need to be done.

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