Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger The Easy Ways

Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger the Easy Way

Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Not all houses have a room with a king-size or only a standard one, not with high ceilings, and only have a few cabinets in it. However, the style of small houses dates back to the 60s and small spaces are not something that is scary for now. Make small bedroom look bigger can be done in an easy and creative way, without having to pay professional workers. For that, we have summarized a simple trick to make a small bedroom look bigger. Here is the trick. . .

Basically, visual illusion play is the way we will cover in this project. To make a small bedroom look bigger, you only need a little creativity and also careful consideration for the tricks in the space.

Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger the Easy Way

Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger The Easy Ways
Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger The Easy Ways

1. A Light Color or A Very Dark Color
There are two ways to choose how to make the room look more spacious, the first is by using light colors to reflect light with the illusion of a wider space. Or use a color that’s dark enough to make space feel more intimate (deep).

You can also mix these two tones in one space by using contrasts, using bright whites that flood the space with a little added contrast will do the trick to create a more immersive look with a bigger feel in it.

2. More Multifunctional Furniture or Hidden Storage
Having more storage will make the bedroom feel clutter-free, and a better way to increase storage is to use multi-functional furniture. We really like a bed with drawers to optimize the storage of our clothes or books.

In addition, including a basket to the side of the bedroom will also enhance the appearance of the bedroom. A wicker basket is the most sensible choice for making a bedroom feel more charming, and it is an item to make it easier for you to store books and magazines with ease of navigation.

3. Use Curtains to the Ceiling To Make small bedroom look bigger
It’s okay to hang curtains that touch the floor, but this is not a good way to enhance the look of a bedroom. Even if you have a small room, it doesn’t mean that visual illusions can’t be created in it! Hang the curtains as high as your ceiling to draw the eye up, this method will be effective to make the small bedroom look bigger.

You can find curtains 96 inches high or more at IKEA, and they even have a very affordable price.

4. Decorative Accents To Make small bedroom look bigger
When you want to create a space that looks charming with accessories in the space, make sure not to overdo it! Using too many accessories in the bedroom will ruin the visual appearance of your bedroom. Instead, you can include at least 2-3 accessories with contrasting displays to attract attention. It’s better than lots of accessories cluttering up the look of your room.

5. Wall Art In Project Make small bedroom look bigger
If you want to have a more attractive bedroom look, wall art can work for your small room! Using a large size art to accent the wall will give it a better look than a collection of mini-sized wall art. Wall art galleries will only give the impression of a space that is too busy, but if you still want the bedroom to look charming with art galleries you can place at least 2-3 art on your accent wall.

Make sure not to use wall art that is larger than the width of your bed.

6. Even out the distribution of lighting in your room
Having just one light source won’t make the space bigger, and a light source doesn’t work very well in a small bedroom. Because basically, you’re not just using the bedroom for a good night’s sleep! However, use it for various activities such as studying, reading books, or playing online games.

Having more light sources will enhance the appearance of a small bedroom look bigger and is also a great way to optimize your small bedroom.

How to Optimize Small Bedroom with Easy Step?

7. Rugs For Make small bedroom look bigger
Use rugs to define your space! Besides giving a more charming appearance, rugs are also items that will give a deeper and more spacious impression in your room. By using the right rugs, you can create a space that is more comfortable, colorful, and also the illusion of being bigger.

8. Mirror
You can do this by using a mirror in the room to make a small bedroom look bigger or another room. A mirror is a super task! With the choice of decorative mirrors, you can have a focal point of space, which can be an item that makes space bigger well.

This is why mirrors never fall behind on the make small bedroom look bigger!

9. Declutter
Get in the habit of always having your bedroom tidy and clean! At least, you can make a routine bedroom cleaning schedule every 1-2 months on a regular basis. The area of the cabinet, floor, and nightstand should also be paid attention often! Nothing makes a small space smaller but clutter. Make the small bedroom look bigger by making sure you can easily handle any clutter.

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