Make Your Bedroom Brighter With This Idea

Are you looking for a concept to add lighting in your room, to make further lighting in the room is not an impossible thing to do? You need to start thinking about the lampshade on your bed table! choosing a table lamp shade in your bedroom are some things that you should pay attention to, such as the choice of colors for your desk or floor lamp and regarding the size, style, and support of your lighting base. Therefore, the core of table decorations for your lampshade must be the right mode and color to allow you to embellish without overdoing it and attracting attention while not being too flashy for your lampshade so you get the right lamp for you. Let’s beautify the lights on your bedroom table with some of our concepts.

The shape of your lights
When you want a lamp on the side table, all you have to focus on is choosing the right lampshade for you, in what type you choose.
Simple Bedroom Lamp Table Ideas
simple home desgn
If you have a decoration with a round base, then you might like a round shape hood.
Square or corner silhouettes tend to appear taller with a square color.
Of course, there are some additional units to decorate your area as a pendant, with a mixture of curves and angles, which might handle almost any shape. And, if your lights are square and your table is round, the color of the ball will complement each of them.
Measuring Lamp
After you decide on the shape of your lights, it’s time to choose a size that suits your room.
-Create a shade on your lamp 2/3 of the top of your lamp, you will get shade and light that matches this size.
– Build a balance on your lights, if you get a lamp that is too high it will not be comfortable for you, and if you get a lamp that is too short you will not benefit from this decoration.
-Make your lights at eye level, you will get the right decoration!
To get the correct dimensions of the lampshade, turn on the bottom of the lamp and fold it to 2. For around pedestal, go straight; live diagonally for a square base. The widest part of your shade must be at least 0.5 inches. Wider than the widest part of your base on both sides.
When calculating the dimensions of the lamp, don’t forget about the position of the right color choice is also the key to the current decoration. If you place it in a very busy room, use hanging colors to accentuate your decor.
The best material for lamp shades
Material for your lampshade is divided into two types, especially materials with thin translucent fabrics and thick materials that wipe too much light. Materials to decorate your area, depending on your own Do you usually use space as an area to read books and do homework? You might just like the decorative lampshade with a thin material, as a result of a thin hood, you might have extra light in your room.
Simple Bedroom Lamp Table Ideas
simple home desgn
While the fabric with opaque shades with a little horizontal or vertical decoration will provide a calming effect and make your sleep more comfortable and restful.
Lamp Shade vogue
Let’s continue with the design of the lampshade. There are many choices of modes for you to use in your area. just like neutral mode, with this mode, you will get a subtle and fashionable feel in your area. using fashion with folds can be a good choice for you to do, you will get a lot of comfort from this mode and also very suitable for antique decoration. while circulation on vogue embroidery can add accent to the art in your area.

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