Marble Floor Maintenance

Is there any material more captivating than marble? I don’t think so! This material is a natural one with a wide selection of colors and veins which creates a charming look for your surface. Unfortunately, this material is a fine, porous stone that is prone to stains and requires certain cleaning products to maintain its appearance. So, how do Marble floor maintenance work to maintain its appearance and attractiveness? Read on for the best treatment.

Marble Floor Maintenance Tips

Marble Floor Maintenance Tips You Must Try

Marble Floor Maintenance Tips You Must Try

Marble floor maintenance to avoid

  • Minimize acidic cleaning products. Marble is a type of limestone that makes it very sensitive to various acidic items. If you have a marble countertop, when you cut a lemon in there then it could be a disaster for your countertop display! Cleaners with vinegar or those with an acid content can leave dull spots (etching). Even cleaning products for granite can be too harsh for your marble!
  • Make sure the vacuum cleaner does not scratch the surface
  • Don’t use a scrubbing brush
  • Do a little testing before starting to clean the floor (use a small area as a test material).

Avoid Dust and Dirt
Marble floor maintenance is a project to maintain the appearance and age of the floor itself, keeping the floor from dirt and dust is a way that must always be done. Regularly use a mop and sweep your surface, wiping dust and dirt at least once a week or every morning and evening (to dust off the surface).

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Use mats as well as non-slip rugs to remove the footwear of every visitor to the house. This way, you can keep dust and dirt from getting into the house. By using a floor covering, some dirt with abrasive properties will not enter and ruin the appearance of the floor.

Create a Complete Cleaning Schedule Every Month
To make sure your Marble floor maintenance project is doing well, you have to make a regular schedule for deep-clean every month. Making this schedule can be based on traffic and dirt on your surface and it is a must for those who have high priced floors (marble is one of them).

Start by using a neutral pH (pH7) non-soap cleanser, which minimizes scratching and residue on the surface. Or you can start by using a mild, phosphoric acid-free dishwashing detergent.

  1. Start by wetting the floor with clean water or using a spray bottle or wring mop to dampen the floor.
  2. Add the cleaning solution with a soft mop
  3. Rinse the surface with clean water and make sure to change the clean water according to your needs
  4. Dry the floor with a soft cloth, this is a job you shouldn’t forget after mopping the floor

Cleaning ASAP

Marble floor maintenance is not just about routine cleaning every day or month. But also, about minimizing the various possibilities that will occur. When the floor gets a stain, then freshly clean the stain! The longer the stain is left in, the more it will settle and become more difficult to remove. Spills can be wiped off using a soft cloth and rubbed gently in a circular pattern (don’t let the stain spread over your surface). After that, rinse with water and mild soap and rinse with more water to make sure it is completely clean, then dry with your clean cloth.

2. Stains
Stains on marble floors often occur and are caused by spills from food, coffee, tea, or various materials that have the potential to litter the floor. You can start by using 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

This mixture will cover the stain and make it fade when you leave it for 10-20 minutes, and rinse it off using clean water. This method is very effective for your Marble floor maintenance. However, if the cleaning leaves scratches you can moisten the surface with marble polishing powder and scrub with a damp cloth, and then dry!