Mediterranean bathroom design ideas are one of the most popular bathroom design styles in recent years. This style is a very suitable choice for those who want to look casual and still elegant in their bathroom.

Basically, the Mediterranean style is an interior design style that has a look that is inspired by the sun and the ocean. So how to create a Mediterranean bathroom without the help of interior design? Keep reading for the key elements, color choices, fixtures, and finishing touches to your decorating projects!

About the Mediterranean style

Mediterranean bathroom design ideas are a design project with a space that feels cool, rich, and feels warm. This is a decorating project that will remind you of a sandy area drenched in sunshine.

The hallmark of this design is the subtle look of cool white plaster, the darker look of the wood, as well as the use of intricately patterned tiles. The key elements you should have when decorating it include:

  1. Walls in white tones
  2. A textured look with wood, linen, and wicker baskets
  3. Use of colored or patterned tiles
  4. Burnt metal
  5. Decorative lighting

With these key elements, you can create a Mediterranean look combined with a little contemporary twist by focusing on the time-tested appeal of classics. As this project progresses, there are a few things you should avoid:

  • The trend of pushing the envelope
  • Too smooth finish (chrome)
  • Minimalist look without tone and pattern
  • Mass use of modern items
  • Use of bright or pastel tones

Color palette

A selection of earth-inspired rich tones with a warm feel and a sparkling sea is a tone that is perfect for your Mediterranean bathroom. Especially with a white wood background with a calming natural impression.

Collor Palete For Mediterranean Bathroom

Collor Palete For Mediterranean Bathroom

Choice of color tones in a Mediterranean bathroom:

  • Neutral; Tones of stone, parchment, straw, and alabaster
  • Warm; Cinnamon, chili, hemp, bougainvillea, terra cotta, and clay
  • Sea impressed view; Cobalt, turquoise, sea green, moss, and also azure




Mediterranean bathroom design ideas require you to choose a lighting fixture that looks decorative. The use of colored lanterns, pendants, and fixtures is the best choice to maximize the appearance of your bathroom.

You can start by looking for lighting made of antique wrought iron, metal, or glass.

For those of you who want to illuminate the bath area, then consult an electrical technician about the minimum height of the lamp above the bath.

List of the most popular bathroom styles to choose from




Wherever you use tiles (floor, walls, or in the shower area) the use of colored tiles is a must in Mediterranean style decorating. Try looking for tiles with a painted pattern or with a geometric pattern to create a harmonious look.

Statement mirror

The choice of mirrors with decorative frames or with a unique look will enhance the personality and details of the Mediterranean style in your vanity area. When looking for a mirror, consider using a mirror with a carved wood frame, lead in hammer or copper.


Copper Tub For Mediterranean Bathroom

Copper Tub For Mediterranean Bathroom

When bringing in metallic items, make sure you use a shiny metal for a warmer and richer feel. Options that can be used are copper, tin, wrought iron, or bronze that is rubbed with oil. In addition, brass with an antique finish is also a great choice to enhance the charm of your Mediterranean bathroom.

The use of a sleek and modern metal blend will give your bathroom a cozy eclectic feel!


In the Mediterranean style, you would use a boat sink as this option is a more striking choice than the under-mount style! An idea that can be tried is to look for a sink with a round and organic shape made of copper, travertine, concrete, or glass.

Finishing for Mediterranean bathroom design ideas is to create the impression of a relaxed, friendly, and elegant space. Try adding towels, scented candles, natural fibrous rugs, and some natural accessories like ceramic, wood, and stone.

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