Mediterranean bedroom design comes because of the influence of several regions such as Morocco, Greece, Spain, and Italy. A room that seems perfect becomes more charming with the presence of white tones that provide contrast in the room.

This style brings out the look of fun beach-style space and makes a perfect resting place after a tiring day. When you want to bring it indoors, there are some clever ways that don’t cost a lot! Here are smart ideas for a cost-friendly Mediterranean bedroom design.

Use bright blue tones

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget 3

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

The first Mediterranean bedroom design idea is to bring the feel of the sky and the sea into the bedroom. The simplest way to do this is to paint the bedroom walls in aqua tones. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a can of paint in a room coloring project!

You can have 3-4 blue tones that catch your eye! Use existing tones to transform the bedroom. In fact, the painting project does not take much time.

White tones with Mediterranean blue accents

A bedroom with minimal white tones will give the impression of a simple and lighter space. The striking white tone will also convey a calming nautical charm. Then, add a Mediterranean-style blue accent tone. Infuse this tone with existing items such as pillows, bed frames, or faux bedroom curtains.

The use of blue tones combined with pure white will create a more attractive and calming look in the room!

Create a blue sky

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget 2

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

If decorating a Mediterranean-style room in white doesn’t make you happy, then try creating a ceiling in blue tones that seem bolder and more striking. A blue painting on the ceiling will create the illusion of space in the middle of the ocean. This way, when you lie down and look up at the blue sky you will feel like you are on the beach on vacation.

To maintain the look of the bedroom, make sure to stick to monochromatic tones on the bed and use walls in contrasting tones with the existing blue ceiling.

Blue bed lining

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget 5

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

The key to success in creating a Mediterranean bedroom design is to make layers with various items in the room (especially for the bed).

The use of striped linens, pure white blankets, and soft blue blankets is a combination that will complete the Mediterranean charm in the bedroom! The use of bed linen will increase the visual appeal of the bedroom and create a charming boutique feel.

The lighter the blue tone, the more soothing it will be! Meanwhile, darker blue tones will give the room a more dramatic look.

List Of Best Bedroom Design Style Must Consider!

Use a focal point with a frame

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget 1

Blue Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

A wall hanging above the bed is a great idea to enhance the charm of your Mediterranean bedroom. What is needed in choosing a focal point is to combine artistic tones with accents on the bed (pillows, blankets, and sheets). With this trick, you will create a more cohesive Mediterranean look in your bedroom!

Moroccan Boho Look

For those of you who prefer to look more exotic, then adding Moroccan architecture and art to the bedroom is a great way! The Moroccan style comes with African and Arabic design elements that will give off a natural boho vibe.

When you go abroad, it’s good to find some unique items that can be added to the bedroom. Thus, you will present a boho Mediterranean impression with knick-knacks from various regions.

Use carpet

To get the perfect Mediterranean bedroom design, you might consider adding Moroccan rugs in gem tones to enhance the exotic charm of the bedroom. A warm texture of the wooden window will also give a natural impression, especially when combined with the tones of the ocean.

Teal appeal

Heavy rain on the beach will make it look gorgeous teal! The teal tone is a tone that symbolizes independence, sophistication, and serenity. Teal will give the calm of the blue tones and balance the green tones.

Applying teal to the walls will give the impression of a space that feels bolder for you, and will give the impression of a more charming bedroom. The combination of teal with white bedding, flooring, and lighting features will enhance the charm of an upscale Mediterranean bedroom!

Use of blue terracotta flooring

The Spanish and Moroccan Mediterranean style comes with terracotta tiles throughout. Mediterranean bedroom design ideas that are no less charming are to use blue terracotta tiles in the bedroom (this aims to bring out the charm of the sea in your room).

By applying some of the Mediterranean bedroom design ideas above, you will create the charm of a relaxing ocean-style bedroom that is perfect for recharging after a full day of work!

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