Yes! The bathroom becomes a really limited space for various activities in it! When starting to decorate a bathroom, you should make clear calculations with the furniture that is 100% needed, and keep it clean and organized at all times.

To bring a sense of comfort and a charming appearance in a minimalist bathroom, there are several ways you can try! Here’s the Minimalist bathroom inspiration that you can try to get the maximum look in your bathroom!

Bring the Metal Material!

Minimalist bathroom inspiration that works well to enhance the look in a bathroom is to use metal items! Using metal in a room with a minimalist scale will increase the attractiveness of your room.

Metal that is placed in a certain area (accent area) will have a better appeal than other existing materials. A mirror with a brass metal frame is one of the best examples of displays to create additional interest in your minimalist bathroom.


In order to maintain interest in the room, you need to place the lighting in the right position so that it combines well with your mirror! Lighting combined with a mirror will maintain a graceful and serene look in the room.

8 Minimalist Bathroom Inspiration

8 Minimalist Bathroom Inspiration

Minimalist bathroom inspiration ideas with a simple chandelier and wall sconces beside the dresser are the perfect combination to enhance a design yet still be functional!


After combining the lighting with metal items, it’s a great time to create a statement in a minimalist bathroom using a clean white square sink! Use straight lines with 90-degree angles to create a more modern and simpler look to space!

In a minimalist room, a square sink is a compact option that works well for minimizing too much wasted space!

Use an open shower

Minimalist bathroom inspiration for a look that feels bigger, you can consider the open shower area! Try to get rid of the clutter by removing the shower curtain or other existing covering. In a small bathroom, it is best if you have no obstructions in it.

However, the use of frameless glass panels can be an option with a similar visual impact!

Natural ingredient

A minimalist room will come with a variety of white and neutral looks! It can feel really cold, right? In the bathroom or other room, to create a warmer impression, we can add a few items with natural wood nuances. The choice of natural wood with moisture resistance will enhance the design in a minimalist bathroom and make space feel warmer!

You can consider the use of wood in the dressing table area, accent walls, cabinets, and also floor area.

Favorite item optimization

The minimalist style will put you on a more affordable budget! And by applying it, you will find it easier to enhance the appearance of the room (invest in certain items). Minimalist bathroom inspiration by investing the existing funds for a few items will create a surge in attractiveness in the bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom Inspiration More Charming

Minimalist Bathroom Inspiration More Charming

So, consider! Which item is your focus on?

In this minimalist style room, you can decorate it for the next few years! The existing trend will make you have an organized and timeless appearance. Use a metal frame while maintaining a simple mirror shape, then giving your bathroom a little texture is a great way to add interest in the room.

Additional seating in the bathroom

Having an extra seat in the bathroom is a nice thing to have! A wooden bench is a smart idea to enhance the aesthetics of your room. The choice of a white oak or teak stool is a great idea for a bathroom (as it is resistant to moisture as well as water).

Minimalist bathroom inspiration with additional plants

The best accessories for a minimalist bathroom are plants! Apart from enhancing the visual appearance, plants combined with neutral tones will make your bathroom feel bigger and refreshing too. The choice of several moisture-resistant plants will break the monochrome aesthetic in them.

Not only useful for enhancing the appearance, but the plants in the bathroom that are chosen wisely are also a way to make the bathroom feel fresher! Here are some choices of the best bathroom plants you can bring in.

The last minimalist bathroom inspiration idea is to use high-quality linen. This sounds very simple, but has a great effect on increasing the appeal of your minimalist bathroom!