Mistake When Living Room Placement Furniture min

Mistake When Living Room Placement Furniture

Living Room

Decorating can be a fun activity, but sometimes decorating a room is also a job that most homeowners can fear. Many homeowners are afraid of how they place or decorate their rooms, especially for the placement of furniture! When your room has not been filled with a piece of furniture maybe you can imagine how you will arrange the arrangement of your room, but it is not impossible when we try to insert furniture into the room, we can make chaotic arrangements without careful preparation. If you know of common mistakes that are often made, surely your work will be easier and faster to complete right? Here we write an article about common mistakes in the arrangement of furniture in your room. Hopefully, with this, you can anticipate in advance about what you have to put into your room.

Living Room Placement Furniture

Mistake When Living Room Placement Furniture min

Don’t think about the conversation area
To arrange your furniture, consider how you can create a conversation area that will be easy and fun without having to shout, get close to your body, or pull the sofa to make a narrower distance to talk. When you do furniture arrangements, pay attention to how your sofa and chair are facing each other, the distance available, and also the level of traffic in your room. Consider using more than one for your conversation area for a larger room.
Push Furniture Against Your Wall
This is against intuition, but to make a bigger impression in your room pushing your furniture against the wall is not the right answer to make your room bigger. Pushing furniture against the wall You can make all existing furniture unable to breathe and give an empty space in the middle of the room which gives the impression of being out of balance. Create a conversation room in your room by making a balance on each side for a truly charming and bigger impression in the room.
Forget practicality in the room
Do many homeowners forget why their living room is made? the living room is your room and you decorate it. Subscribe to your living room in your activities and make easy access to explore other rooms in your home. Even making it easy to take coffee cups on the table and also carrying plates filled with food is difficult for you.
Focal Point
Many homeowners completely forget about creating a focal point in their room. Even for every room that exists, the focus point must be really noticed. Creating a focal point before inserting furniture in the living room should really be thought of by you because the placement of your furniture afterward is based on the focal point that you have previously made. To make your room calm and balanced, making one focus point is the most effective way for you to try.
Forget about making traffic in the room
When inserting furniture into the room many of us might be too cool and forget how guests enter and reach their seats. You must pay close attention to making traffic because you have to prevent your guests from tripping over or jumping over some furniture. Do not even make your room have a route that is not clear at all, make your room really clear to facilitate access to your guests to reach their seats without having to spin or walk zig-zag.
Forgetting the placement of furniture and making furniture nestled on one side of the room will give the impression that your room is tilted and does not have a clear balance. Avoid it! Balance your furniture placement on each side and create a focal point before doing this activity. Balance the weight from the side where your sofa is and give the furniture the same weight on the other side.
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Cover the Window
Natural light from outside the room is an important thing! In fact, the more windows you have in your room, the better your room will be. Avoid placing your furniture in front of your window to not block the light coming from outside the window. The small amount of light entering your room will cause the room to feel cramped and even congested. If you really need to put your furniture in front of the window, then consider how to keep natural light coming in and illuminating your room. Play with your lighting for a more luxurious feel in your room.
Indoor Activity Zone
Do not forget to make the room a little free from your furniture, besides you have to think about traffic, the activity zone must also be in your room. Make your room an area where you are free to watch TV, play, and do artwork in your room without having to rearrange your furniture.

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