Modern Bedroom Lighting

For all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is the only area where you can pay for dark, light, and both! The lighting in the bedroom works to illuminate various activities before bedtime such as reading, playing on the cellphone, or relaxing. When you get to sleep, all the lights will turn off or dimmed to make sleep more comfortable. Modern bedroom lighting is an option to make a bedroom more elegant and comfortable to rest at night, and get the perfect area for other activities besides sleeping.

Getting Modern bedroom lighting is not as difficult as it seems, to brighten up the bedroom, we have compiled a list of modern bedroom lighting. These tricks will help you create an elegant bedroom that is well-lit when you need it and still feels comfortable while sleeping. Let’s start reading. . .

Basic tricks for modern bedroom lighting:

Modern Bedroom Lighting

Modern Bedroom Lighting

Make Light Layer For Modern Bedroom Lighting
When you want to create a sense of comfort with the use of light in the bedroom, one key thing you can do is to use a light coating in it. Lighting plating will give you more diffused light and better illuminate your bedroom. The key is finding a balance between the available light from the ambient, the task, and also the accent light. The creation of balance will make every existing activity easy.

Ambient Type Lighting
As a first step towards creating balance in the bedroom, you can start by creating a foundation for ambient lighting. This type of lighting is usually provided by natural light from windows, skylights, overheads, and other fixtures that flow through the light which makes it easier for you to carry out various activities such as cleaning the room, tidying the bed, and also ironing clothes.

For those who don’t have windows for natural lighting, artificial light using a flush mount, pedant, or chandelier can work well in a bedroom. The use of portable lamps such as floor lamps must also be considered because these lamps have a sufficient amount of lighting for various activities that require extra light and focus.

Accent Type
This type of lighting comes as lighting that tries to grab the user’s attention, this lighting is usually placed on some stylish features such as wall art. This lighting is intended to provide calm and a sense of comfort when in the bedroom. Using some recessed lighting, strip lights, sconces, can be a great way to create modern bedroom lighting.

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Task Type
For those who have excessive activity in the bedroom like reading, working, making up, or doing school assignments. This lighting makes a great choice for layers of lighting! Task lighting is lighting that has a focus on its own area without being limited by another lighting. Bedside lamps, overhead wall sconces, or floor lamps with sleeves are good choices to bring into the bedroom.

You don’t just stick to bedside lamps! This type of lamp has various forms, the main purpose is to provide light that makes it easier for you to do several tasks.

The use of dimmers is an obligation in the bedroom (in our opinion), to make a modern bedroom lighting dimmer plays an important role in creating lighting that matches the mood of the room user. When the bedroom does not have a dimmer, the light will remain diffused without the lighting filter and this can really make it difficult for you to sleep.

Its use really sets the atmosphere in the bedroom without having to turn off lots of lights.

Bulb Options For Lighting

When creating comfortable bedroom lighting, we don’t just stick to the types of lighting. However, the bulb also plays an important role in building the atmosphere of the room. When choosing a bulb the following factors are considered:

1. Brightness level
Bedroom lighting layers are not only about how you create balance in them, but how the choice of one bulb for another will make the lighting perfect. We are talking about the light intensity of the bulb and also the color it produces. The use of a bulb gives a variety of appearances and has a great influence on the aura that is emitted.

Lumens are key to your light bulb selection! And the recommended choice for a bedroom is around 2,100 – 4,000 lumens. With this option, you will get a supportive atmosphere for a more comfortable sleep.

2. Determine the color that is produced
The color will give you a different appearance in the room, the color will also be a support in various activities. As an incandescent bulb often provides subtle white lighting, CFLs provide blue light with a wider spectrum of colors, and LEDs have a color gamut to regulate temperature.

The use of blue and white will increase the user’s alertness level which means it is a good choice as task-type lighting to add additional focus. And it is not good to use as lighting to help sleep. This color lamp contains melatonin irritants and is not good for use as lighting when relieving fatigue.

The choice of yellow incandescent light is better for shining on you when you want to sleep because this color does not interfere with melancholy and helps you sleep more comfortably.

To create modern bedroom lighting in the room, you don’t use just one lighting source. One light will be very distracting and make you more likely to get lighting in certain areas or when you want to do other activities.

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