Sharing a bathroom with children is natural, but what if the main bathroom is shared with guests? less comfortable! Having a guest bathroom that is designed as comfortably as possible will make guests feel appreciated, right?

So, what if you apply these Modern guest bathroom decor ideas to give your guests a sense of comfort and respect?

Brighten the Room

The first Modern guest bathroom decor idea is to brighten up your bathroom! A dark bathroom will look very depressing. So, make your guest bathroom like your main bathroom with optimal lighting and also clean thoroughly.

If you want to get the impression of a more spacious room, open an existing window and let in natural light. To maintain privacy, you can add curtains in bright tones that still let in natural light. The use of curtains will give the impression of more dramatic space.

Towel Selection

9 Tips Modern Guest Bathroom Decor Must Try

9 Tips Modern Guest Bathroom Decor Must Try

To make your guests feel welcome at home, consider investing in the highest quality towels! Modern guest bathroom decor ideas with a new pile of towels are ideas that work well for creating a bathroom that feels luxurious. If it’s a half-new towel, you can clean it with a hypoallergenic detergent. The use of this detergent will minimize the skin reaction of your guests.

Prepare Various Needs

Surely you experience it often, go and forget something! Maybe it’s toothpaste, shampoo, nail clippers, and so on! For the Modern guest bathroom decor project, you are not only limited to the design in the room, but you also have to complete the various needs that your guests need.


Keep your guest bathroom fresh and fun at all times, one of the best ways to freshen up the room is to add some plants to it. Ornamental plants in the room will make your guest bathroom fresher and more colorful.

If you are confused about what plants to bring in, here is a list of bathroom ornamental plants that you can consider.

Storage area

9 Tips Modern Guest Bathroom Decor Must Try

9 Tips Modern Guest Bathroom Decor Must Try

The next modern guest bathroom decor is to provide adequate storage space! Make sure, before guests come, you have various storage items that make it easy for your guests to put their various equipment. Hooks and open hanging shelves are accessories that should not be forgotten.

However, for storage issues. Make sure you get rid of any clutter especially personal items that might be inside! It’s possible that you’ve provided proper storage space, but it’s full of your own stuff.


This is one of the simplest tips and doesn’t take up much of your budget! Try to replace the mat in your bathroom with better quality, brightly colored, and softer mat. The choice of microfiber shags is a great idea for a mat that looks simple, soft, dry faster, and doesn’t slip when you step on it!

Make the room smell good

I don’t think any modern bathrooms are smelly or moldy! So, for this Modern guest bathroom decor project, make sure you provide enough air in the room before your guests arrive, and don’t forget to add air freshener when they visit.

An equally good option is to use wax, and it’s a better idea than a spray! A reed diffuser is also an option to enhance the charm of your room without having to turn it on. However, when using it make sure to keep it far enough apart because it can be toxic to the skin.


The guest bathroom is a space that is rarely used because it is dedicated to receiving guests! So, maybe you will forget the look inside. For a warm and welcoming feel, consider adding some accessories!

Additional trays, candles, paintings on the walls, and so on will increase the charm in your room. Not only do they make them feel welcome, but the addition of accessories in your bathroom also enhances the appeal for Modern guest bathroom decor projects.

Make a note

To make a truly welcoming impression, for Modern guest bathroom decor consider adding a short note placed in a strategic area such as a pile of towels or in front of a mirror. You can give a “welcome” or “Hope it’s comfortable” message.

It’s very simple, but it has a big impact on feeling comfortable and making guests feel welcome in your home.

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