Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try!

Whatever you do to remodel the bathroom, whether it’s with the help of interior design or you do it yourself. Determining the style of bathroom decoration is the first thing you should do to make the job easier.

Modern style bathroom ideas are an option for those of you who want the appearance of a space that feels slimmer, and also clean. On this occasion, we will share tricks for creating modern bathrooms to make your decorating projects easier so keep scrolling!

Overview of modern stylish bathroom ideas

  • Comes with a floating type vanity with flat panel doors and drawers
  • Faucets and hardware come with a minimalist look
  • Have a mirror without a frame
  • more efficient illumination
  • Using a neutral color palette
  • Using finishes and materials for a cohesive look

What you won’t find in modern style bathroom designs

  • Face with carved door
  • Complicated print
  • Use of bright tones and bold patterns

Color palette

Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try
Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

The focus in modern style bathroom ideas is on architectural values with a color palette that tends to clean white, black, and also subtle neutrals. You can add a burst of color to items like towels and plants.

The use of color palettes in modern bathrooms is divided into 3, namely:

  • Neutral, with a dove look of auburn, taupe, natural undertones in putty, as well as beige
  • Black and white
  • And bolder tones like firefighter red, navy blue, navy blue, teal, and yellow to green


Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try
Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

In modern style bathroom ideas, you will use a vanity with a floating type. This aims to create an impression that feels lighter and slimmer in the room. A suitable material choice for it is engineered quartz, granite, marble, or other solid materials in neutral tones.

Then, to make space feel more sophisticated and easier to clean. You can combine it with an under-mount type sink.

Glass Shower Area

Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try
Simple Modern Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

The next modern style bathroom idea is to create a shower area from the glass. Whether it’s clear glass, with a frosted texture, or with tinted glass! The idea of using it is to create the impression of a space that feels more spacious and sleeker.

Create a contemporary-style bathroom with these ideas!

For those of you who want to use glass doors with sliding hinges, then using modern hardware with a simple appearance is a wise choice that does not damage the clean lines on the glass itself.


For the bath, a modern style bathroom will use a freestanding bathtub. However, be sure to go for a tub with a sleek modern look and a bit of sculpture.

Meanwhile, to increase the accessibility in the room, you can consider the use of a partially free-standing bathtub.

Wall niches

For a bathroom that comes with a glass shower, then you have to pay attention to the details in the shower area itself! Ensuring that each product is neatly organized and easily accessible is a must.

A great idea for this task is to create an alcove within your shower area. By measuring the products that are used the most, it will make it easier for you to take care of them!


Modern style bathroom ideas will come with a wall-mounted faucet with nickel, chrome, or polished matte black for a modern minimalist look! To stay consistent, try to use a single layer of metal and repeat on every inch of the bathroom.


Lighting Ideas for a modern style bathroom are clean, simple, and sleek. Modern style bathroom ideas that will work are to use slim sconces, make the mirror area light up, and use recessed lighting on the ceiling.

The use of a frameless mirror will enhance modern-style bathroom ideas!

In these modern style bathroom ideas, you must understand that every detail is very important! A perfect finishing touch for this project would be to add some accessories (especially the towel pile), a heating rack, as well as a modern planter.

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