Natural Stone Flooring Ideas

Apart from wood, natural stone is the best choice to increase the resale value of your home. Natural stone flooring ideas are an option with unlimited looks, durability, and uniqueness to bring home.

The best thing about natural stone flooring is that they come with many choices to take home, with these many choices. You can customize the look according to the style you have. However, despite a large number of options, there are a number of considerations that must be understood before investing your money. Here are natural stone flooring ideas that must be considered before buying.

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas You Must Know

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas You Must Know Before Invest

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas You Must Know Before Invest

1. Hold High Traffic
Natural stone flooring ideas that must be considered are the durability of high traffic. All smelly floors such as slate, marble, granite, or travertine have high traffic resistance.

And this is a real decision against restoration, with its strong tenacity making natural stone the best choice for homes with high traffic and high restoration capabilities making the natural stone a very popular activity.

  • Slate has a stunning appearance, but its appearance comes from an uneven nature. The refinishing and restoration process can be a cause of deteriorating the appearance of the slate.
  • Marble is a tough and dense material that will withstand high traffic areas. With a hard shoulder, it will make this floor easier to polish than other stones.
  • Granite is as hard as marble but has a higher installation value than marble. Granite is also a porous stone that requires frequent closure to avoid staining in it.

2. Adding Selling Value
Natural stone flooring ideas are a good idea to increase the sale value of your home. Materials in the form of laminate floors or carpets do have a pretty inviting appearance, but not with their life cycle. Laminate or carpet floors will only last a few years, but natural stone floors can last up to 1 century or even more (really worth considering, right?)

Even though they have a high selling value, not all-natural stones can be placed in high traffic.

  • Choose a natural stone that has easy restoration
  • Withstands high traffic as well as wear and tear
  • Has an attractive appearance
  • Look elegant every time

3. Change
The best choice for natural stones is when they have easy re-care. Sometimes a natural stone will change too, and when this happens the best way to restore its luster is to re-polish it. Polishing the stone will make it look like new, and the sparkle will return to it.

4. Color
Natural stone flooring ideas come with more color choices; you can get choices from pure white tones to black. Apart from color, natural stone also comes in a variety of choices from cut to slab shapes. The more exotic colors are the best choice to make the appearance more charming in your room.

Maintenace Tile Flooring More Effective

5. Updates
There are times when the natural stone has to find a repair, but not an all-natural stone can be repaired. Just like marble has the ease of restoration when the company understands the restoration process from start to finish. And the consideration of this update is not trivial, because you will be faced with the cost and appearance that will be given from the stone itself.

Best natural stone flooring ideas.

This stone can be said to be the king of nature’s new floor! Marble is the best choice for homeowners who want to present their home in a classic and elegant style. Marble is a fairly expensive option, but with its elegant appearance this floor can be said to be one of the best investments for the home.

All you need is regular maintenance, and the good news is that the cleaning products available make your job easier.

Often used as a material for the dining table and bathroom. However, granite material is also ideal to be used as a floor for the living room area or areas with high traffic. Granite has better durability than marble with better stain resistance. Its appearance that accentuates red and green veins makes it more attractive.

Limestone is an option that has very strong resistance but is also porous. When you want to use it, then doing regular maintenance is the best thing to maintain its appearance and age.

The use of sandstone was once used as a building material for ancient Rome, and the times made it a basic material in decorative interior walls. When used for flooring, this stone requires more frequent maintenance than marble. And to enhance the look, using Southwester and Spanish styles is best.

Natural stone flooring ideas are the best way to invest your funds. Besides being attractive in appearance, stone floors are a great way to increase the sale value of a home. If you want a charming look, super long durability, and good resale value then Natural stone flooring ideas are the answer for you.

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