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Working in the area of ​​the house wearing nightgowns, fluffy slippers, and also without showering? Wow, it’s fun, it’s not like being able to work from home. Having a home office with a charming appearance is the dream of every homeworker. However, what is no less important is how to create a comfortable atmosphere and still support your productivity. Apart from lighting, setting, and organizing the use of ornamental plants can also help! Home office Plants are a link that is often overlooked for increasing productivity.

Ornamental plants come with a variety of options that can be brought into the workspace, apart from providing a better visual appearance. Home office Plants are a smart way to keep you focused at work, if you are confused about finding ornamental plants for the home office then these options can help you! Also, know the benefits of ornamental plants for the work area.

Options and Benefits of Home Office Plants

Options and Benefits of Home Office Plants You Must Know

Options and Benefits of Home Office Plants You Must Know

Snake Plant
The first and always the most effective choice for outdoor or indoor plants! This snake plant or often known as the mother-in-law’s tongue can grow on and on. They also come in a variety of size options, when using them for home office plants a choice like “FUTURA SUPERBA” is a good idea to decorate your room. Snake plants are also known to be hard to kill, it is for this reason that they can be the best choice for beginners.

African Violet
Ornamental plant with fuzzy leaves that thrive just like humans in average humidity and temperature. They still need light to thrive and flourish but are not choosy about where the light comes from. Even a fluorescent lamp is enough to help it grow. Only about 6 inches in size allows it to grow in any size space in your home.

ZZ factory
This plant is one of the succulent plants with multiple characteristics and this is what makes it really popular among ornamental plant lovers. They can live in areas with low light and can continue to grow even with minimal water. With its leaves, this ZZ plant is a very pleasant place to place in the home office area.

Aloe vera
With natural light that continues to flow, the aloe vera will grow more fertile and fertile. For those who have a work area near a window, aloe vera is a great office plant idea to bring in. With its durability, this plant only requires watering for a few weeks.

British ivy
They just need water regularly at moderate light! If the ivy gets too lush, you can wrap the ivy tendrils around the trellis to create living art in the home office area.

If you want an added sense of comfort and fun in your workspace, a philodendron is a reasonable idea for your choice. With dangling green leaves and easy placement in a corner or even in fully lit areas. They can be placed in a hanging basket or allowed to grow in a small trellis. Make sure to provide regular moisture to ensure this plant thrives.

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Rex Begonia
home office Plants with a jewel appearance? Of course, don’t neglect the begonia rex for your office desk area. A delightful leaf looks with dozens of cultivars with specks, veins, and also swirl patterns in their silver, purple, red, and green hues will make your home office more colorful and eye-catching. With a variety of textures, it gives additional interest to make you more productive later. To keep it growing, you can place it in a damp area.

Home Office Plants Bamboo
Not all types of bamboo can be entered into the home office area! The most sensible choice is with a Dracaena Sanderiana which is almost like a corn plant. Bamboo being a plant species that can easily grow and reproduce, creative growers make bamboo stalks more attractive with spiral, woven, and perhaps heart-shaped looks. With its various charming looks, this is why many homeowners have included it on their list of home office Plants.

In addition to providing additional attractiveness for the office area, the use of plants in the home office also has various other benefits such as:

  • Reducing Stress; When bringing the plant into the work area, workers saw a 37% reduction in stress, a 58% reduction in depression, 44% emotionally, and a 38% reduction in fatigue. In fact, you only need an ornamental plant for a work area to boost productivity and improve performance. With a flowing green, the feeling of relaxation and serenity will continue to flow for you.
  • Increase Productivity; With the presence of ornamental plants in addition to the work area, the productivity level will increase by 17%. Make sure to place the plants that are perfectly visible when in front of the computer.
  • Makes You Feel Healthier; In a study stated that a work environment that has natural elements will have a welfare level of up to 15% with higher productivity than an area that does not have plants on the work table.
  • Increase the appearance of space; For office workspaces, an ornamental plant will make applicants feel a more charming appearance. However, for the home office, its use will enhance your personal decor! What’s more, you have the flexibility to choose the type of plants and colors you will use.
  • They clean the air; The house is an area that has a lot of chemicals that are scattered in the air, by placing a few ornamental plants you will immediately clean the air from harmful chemicals in the air.
  • They can increase creativity; Ornamental plants not only make you more productive but also make you think more openly to be more creative.

So how? After you know the choice of Home Office Plants and the benefits of their users, will you still leave your desk empty without ornamental plants? A choice of houseplants with easy-care is a good idea for home office plants in your home.

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