Placement of the Best Living Room Wall Art min

Placement of the Best Living Room Wall Art

Living Room Wall Art

The living room becomes a vacuum without equipment hanging on a wall or a bare wall, this will never be interesting and very boring. So the placement of wall art is the answer to making the living room more lively and fun … But where do we start? This is a consideration of how you want to see a pleasant wall when entering a room.

This can be a place to show off photos from your summer vacation or a large art that rests solo on one wall. This does not require a lot of artwork, sometimes using 1 pleasant art is a good choice to liven up the room. This is the living room, making it as comfortable as possible to relax and have fun by enjoying wall-mounted art.

Placement of the Best Living Room Wall Art

Placement of the Best Living Room Wall Art min
Placement of the Best Living Room Wall Art
DIY art
Pay attention! To display wall art in the living room, this does not mean you have to destroy the Budget. Use your creativity, and create a unique work of art in your living room. This is a DIY project to try. Here are some DIY ideas for wall art to inspire you.
  • Smear children’s art with a frame
  • Make a frame with antique, jewelry or silver key fillings
  • Vintage book frames or maps
  • Use washi ribbons with striking motifs and stick them together with a canvas of several sizes
  • A collection of favorite photo collages

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After you finish grouping with 3 or 5 frames, you can hang them in the living room. You can do a combination of store works and DIY artwork.

Hang-up place
For places to hang wall art, there are 3 of the most strategic places. And most of these couches are an excellent choice of the focus point. or if the living room has a fireplace, the area above the fireplace can be very good, and also consider the empty space between the walls flanking the window of this area to be a very appropriate area for added color and visual appeal.
Top of the Sofa
For placement on the couch, you can use the following rules of thumb:
  1. When you want to hang on the sofa, make sure your art size is about 2/3 of the width of the sofa.
  2. For group hangers, be sure not to cross the width of the sofa because this will be very strange.
  3. And give a gap of at least 2-3 inches between frames.
  4. Make the distance between the back of the sofa and the art hanging at least 8 inches.
This is not as complicated as you think. Placement on the fireplace does not require nails, and if you want a work that is hanging, make sure a distance of about 4-10 inches from the bottom of the art and top of your fireplace. For a more relaxed look, just lean your artwork on the wall above the fireplace.
Between the windows
When the area in the window is slightly ignored, adding art between the windows will give a proportional look in the room.
Make a photo box
Wall art grouping will provide additional texture, dramatic impression, and also the visual appeal in the living room. Photo walls make a perfect way to leave empty wall spaces on stairs and entrances. To make it look right, you will do several experiments. To facilitate the settings, the following tips can be tried:
  • Plan: Prepare some of the wall art that you will install and imagine a little to get the settings that look right.
  • Focus Point: This must be done by you to achieve perfection in decorating your wall art.
  • Line: Use tape to ensure your hangers are even.
  • Distance: To get the perfect wall decoration, make sure the distance between the wall art arranged neatly and equally.

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