Are you in the process of remodeling your bathroom? Or you’re indecisive about the style that should be used to decorate the bathroom? You don’t have to be confused! Because here, we have collected Popular Bathroom Styles to make your selection easier.

Keep scrolling and get more inspiration, and find out what elements you must have when choosing a design style!

Transition Style

The first Popular Bathroom Styles are a transitional style! This style is a bathroom that is elegant and is created between a contemporary and a traditional look. The transitional style comes with eye-catching details for those who like a mix of styles.

Transition Bathroom Style

Transition Bathroom Style

In creating this style, there are several features that should not be forgotten, including:

  1. Using Vanity in Shaker-style
  2. Stone material with bright tones
  3. Use of under mount type sink
  4. Pedestal bathtub
  5. The use of a glass shower can be considered
  6. Lighting with pendants, chandeliers are popular and combined with sleek wall sconces.

The use of a color palette in this design style tends to be subtle and soft, the choice of blue, gray, and wood brown tones is the idea that is most often used to design it.

Contemporary Style

Basically, Popular Bathroom Styles, this one is a style that contains technology, materials, and also the latest (unusual) trends by using clean lines and minimal decoration. Hearing from his understanding, this one bathroom looks very boring, doesn’t it? However, this style basically avoids too much decoration.

The use of features to design it include:

  1. Minimalist faucet
  2. Glass shower
  3. Use of vanity with a sleek look
  4. Slim mirror
  5. A tile for a statement

For the color palette, this style often uses just black and white! However, combining tones with high contrast is quite interesting to try.

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Modern Style

The next Popular Bathroom Styles is a bathroom with a modern look! This style often comes with a sleek look and an emphasis on horizontal lines. Having a clean look and focusing more on architectural values is one of the characteristics of this style.

Modern Bathroom Style

Modern Bathroom Style

To create it, there are several main features that you should know, including:

  1. Using floating pride
  2. The glass shower is quite liked
  3. Minimalist style faucet
  4. More efficient lighting
  5. Use of a frameless mirror
  6. And a freestanding bathtub

In decorating it, the color palette that can be used is a palette with clean white tones, subtle neutrals, and black. To add more color to the room, you can add a splash of color to the accessories in it.

Farm Style

Popular Bathroom Styles with a farmhouse look are a style that balances rustic appeal with modern sensibilities. The look of today’s farm-style often comes with simple modern elements.

The use of features in it include:

  1. Use of vanity shaker
  2. Additional wall panels
  3. Warehouse style lighting
  4. Bathtub with claw feet
  5. Sliding door

For coloring, you can use simple natural tones. The choice of white tones with black stripes is the most popular!

Rustic Style

If you are looking for Popular Bathroom Styles with a natural charm, then this style is the one for you! The rustic style comes with rugged materials, added warm and cozy textiles to create a cozy bathroom look.

Rustic Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom

The main features of this style are:

  1. The use of natural ingredients in each item
  2. Dressing table made of wood
  3. Ship sinks made of metal or stone
  4. Copper bath
  5. Additional details to enhance the feeling of warmth such as rugs, vanity lamps with filament bulbs

For color choices, this bathroom comes with a natural and color scheme that is similar to natural elements.

Traditional Style

These Popular Bathroom Styles are truly timeless styles, always providing a sense of comfort and a refined look. The traditional style bathroom is more famous for its decorative details with a classic elegant look.

This style comes with several key features:

  1. Vanity with a furniture-like appearance
  2. Use of natural ingredients
  3. Lighting features with an antique look
  4. A bathtub with claw feet

In creating it, the best color palette to use is soft and relaxing colors. Tones such as blue, green, brown, gray, and wood tones are the most popular choices!


Basically, this Popular Bathroom Styles is a style inspired by both warehouses and factories! This bathroom can be described as a simple utilitarian space with raw materials and various hardware with the end result being the center of attention.

Industrial Bathroom

Industrial Bathroom

Features that you must have in decorating industrial style include:

  1. Shower of glass or steel
  2. The use of materials from concrete, steel, brick, and also cinderblock
  3. A sink and a bath bak
  4. A large and strong sliding door

The color palette that can be used is with bursts of saturated colors several times.


Next up for Popular Bathroom Styles is the Mediterranean style! This style is a style that comes with natural materials to create an elegant and understated casual look inspired by the sea and the sun.

  1. The use of features in it include:
  2. Lighting that has additional features as decoration
  3. colorful tiles
  4. Metal with antique finish
  5. Mirror for statement
  6. Walls in white tones

As for the color palette, you can use warm earth tones, a background with pure white wood.

So from the list of Popular Bathroom Styles above, which one catches your eye?

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