Quick Idea In Installation Ceiling Light For Every Room

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Using a piece of equipment can be a destroyer of decoration, just like when you make a selection for your lighting and misplacing it in your room will destroy everything in your room. Balancing and placing the right lighting for each room is something you should pay attention to if you don’t want to destroy your decor. The balance between lighting and your room can be an increase in decoration or it can destroy your decor.

Doing a good installation in every room that you have to pay attention to, there are at least 3 quick tricks you can do to get perfection in decorating your room. Here are 3 tricks you must do:

Installation Ceiling Light For Every Room

Quick Idea In Installation Ceiling Light For Every Room min

The scale, diameter, and height of your lamp.
Let’s start decorating our lighting with basic parameters before inserting furniture into the room. What we mean is a scale for ceiling lights, pendants, chandeliers and flush mounts for your living room and bedroom. Pay attention to the size of your room, the height of the room, the length of the room, and also the width of your room.


  • You can use the diameter for lights in your room with these specifications:
  • Length and width of the room with feet, if you have 10 feet x 12 feet then add 2 lengths simultaneously. Which means 10 + 12 = 22 feet and converts to inches.
  • This method will be effective for making the ideal diameter in your room for the most perfect diameter in your room.
  • To get the right height for the room, you can use this simple formula:
  • If you have a room height of about 10 feet, fold the sample height from 2.5 “to 3” per foot.
  • 10×2.5 = 30 feet
  • And then exchange the value from feet to inches
  • You get the ideal height for your room.
Clearance: Perfect height for hanging the fixture.
Basically, the light for lighting your room will depend perfectly on when you know the height and length of your fixture. And what functions the fixture provides in your room.
For comfort lighting in your room must be at least 7 feet below the fixture to your floor.
  • If you have a higher ceiling using a low profile flush mount is a good way to decorate the room and this is very common.
  • Lighting in the lobby or in the hallway You can hang a chandelier or pendant with a distance of at least 6 feet.
The bathroom has special settings that you can try.
  • On top of the bath, you can maintain 8 inches for the top and bottom of your fixture. This method is the perfect way for a minimalist bathroom size.
  • Consider using a smaller chandelier that hangs 3 feet from the top of the bath for another elegant look.
Space: Setting the place to hang your fixture.
Adjusting the distance between your fixtures is a good way to get the perfect lighting in your room. This method becomes a good way when it comes to the kitchen and dining table equipment in your dining room. Placement of the fixture in the dining room and in your kitchen will be good with the above tricks with a little creativity you will get perfection.
Lighting on the dining table
Size and shape become a major consideration in the selection.
  • Rectangular or oval-shaped tables can combine well for linear and multi-pendant light.
  • The most perfect placement for the dining room is the placement in the middle of your dining room table with lighting that illuminates each side of your room.
  • If you expect a more dramatic impression on the dining room you can use a round canopy for your room
  • Or use smaller pendants lined up on the dining table to get the perfect statement for the room.
The Best Lighting Ideas For Dining Rooms
If you use fixture placement on the dining table, at least you have width and length for your fixture 1 foot shorter than the total length of your table for a good impression.

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