Quick Ideas for Improving Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Getting lighting in the bathroom will make the impression for your bathroom more luxurious and charming, especially for a bathroom with a modern style that will be a multi-function room that is often a utilitarian for a soothing place to rest at the end of the day. However, many of the homeowners often forget how the lighting in the bathroom works and tends to ignore it. Even a bathroom that lacks light will make your day dim too.

There are a few tips to make your square brighter with fixtures, placement, and also the type of lights you will need. You need 3 keys to change the lighting in your bathroom more enchanting, here are 3 keys in decorating lighting in your bathroom.

Quick Ideas for Improving Bathroom Lighting

Selection of Bathroom Countertops Material For More Impact min

Pinch Your Mirror With Lights; This method truly becomes a choice that will make your bathroom more luxurious. The lights on your bathroom ceiling will meet the lighting needs in your bathroom, but for extra needs, you can add a lamp that flanks your mirror not only to add lighting but this way will make you feel at home in front of the mirror and make up. The lighting in your sky will give you shadows, spots, and also lines on your face and this will make it difficult for you to shave. Lamps for your dressing table or mirror clamp lamps will make it easier for you to makeup and they will provide more elegant lighting for your bathroom.

Tip: To get maximum results, you can do the installation with 29 inches apart and 58 inches from the floor to create lighting according to your face. And lighting above the mirror, you need 76 inches from your floor. This will work!

Bathroom lighting is the same at noon, what we mean is the model of the lighting in your room will be like when you are outside your room. Face color, hair, makeup, and clothes. Lighting in your bathroom better displays the same impression when you are outdoors. Choose some equipment that will give that impression in your bathroom.

  1. First, you can use your bathroom lighting with cool white light to give a fresh feel to your room, the brightness of your lights.
  2. Second, choose a light bulb that will provide additional color for your room. You can choose your lighting color according to the bulb you choose for your room :
  • Incandescent bulb; The white color will fit in your bathroom with warm white or walls all depending on your passion and with temperatures around 2500k – 3000k.
  • CFL; Being a good choice for your bathroom, because these bulbs are contrary to general lighting they will be a good choice for the bathroom when you use a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of around 90 more. The use of a CRI 90 scale and above will give the impression of daylight for your bathroom with a color temperature of between 2600k-3000k.
  • LED; This lamp is a favorite option for your bathroom. Recommendations for CRI are also the same as for CFL Types. Watch your LED’s brightness level with the lumens they have. To find out the type of lumen suitable for bathrooms, please click here.

Bathroom Vanity Layer Lights, the bathroom will need bright lighting with the aim of rituals to build a more pleasant mood, smoot, and also relaxation when you soak in your bathroom. You can use a dimmer switch to adjust your lighting intensity to get an impression that suits your mood. Many dimmers for incandescent, fluorescent, and also LEDs you can get easily at a lighting shop or online.

If you have more space in the bathroom, you can use a ceiling light. The small chandelier will make your room more shining and shine set your mood by using these lights and make a relaxed and romantic impression into your bathroom.

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