Exterior Decoration is a decoration that is no less important than your interior decoration, do not neglect your exterior decoration. Basically, your exterior decoration is something that will add interest to your guests to visit your home. Do not ignore your exterior decoration, make your decoration attractive and an additional attraction for your guests to visit.
The smartest way to make you’re exterior more attractive is by repainting your house, you will make your exterior better. Decorating your exterior paint will add to the mood of you and your guests, let’s follow our ideas to make your exterior decoration more even more interesting.
Colors for your outdoor decoration
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Use colors that are slightly depressed
Painting outside colors You use bright colors is not a mistake, but when you use to paint with a slightly depressed color for the outside of your home is a good choice for your home. Using gloomy colors in your house’s paint and using light colors for your doors and windows will make your home interesting to visit.
Paint Your Door
Painting the door with a contour color for your home will make it has its own charm, like when you use dark blue for the base color and use black or brown for your doors and windows.
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This time it’s not about the color of your paint, but about the impression, your house will display. Use refreshing greenery for your home will make your home seem happy to live in and spend time on the terrace while enjoying the green of your garden.
In addition to using natural accents with ornamental plants, you can also use your furniture with pleasant and refreshing colors. You can use colors that can make your home more pleasant, such as using white contrast or black accents, a door with a dark color is also an option that you can try.
Remember the basic style of your home
Don’t forget the style of your home, do you have a farmhouse or Scandinavian concept? Staying in the way of your home concept is a must for you. The right color scheme for you is a color scheme that illustrates and reinforces the style of your home itself. Maybe some home styles will be good to have several colors combined, but there are also houses that must stick to the coloring concept that you cannot add color to.
Your Home Location
Don’t forget where you live, because it’s not only about the color and decoration in your home that is important. But also where you live maybe you are in the south you will prefer dark colors for your home, but if you are on the coast you will like white, gray, and also blue for the house. Color selection is not just a matter of your harmony with your style, but also with where you live.
Neutral is the best choice
Many who think that neutral colors will not be a favorite in home decoration. However, make no mistake decorating homes with neutral colors is the best bet in decorating your home. Colors like white, light gray, dark gray, beige become a favorite for a pleasant outdoor decoration, this color will blend with the green color of your plants.