Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the elements of room decoration that will arouse the atmosphere and increase the attractiveness in your room. Even for the bathroom, bathroom lighting will be a determinant of how good the bathroom is in your home. The bathroom becomes a small space, but requires adequate lighting and gives a sense of comfort there.
The dressing area, bathtub, and other angles require bright and effective lighting for easy navigation in the room. Effective bathroom lighting can be obtained from the placement of lamps that are set and coordinated with a good system. For this reason, there isn’t single lighting that will work well there! At least you have to use 3 types of scattered lighting to maximize the look of your bathroom.

Choose Your Best Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting
Wall lamp
The use of a pair of wall lamps to flank the mirror and add one over to the vanity is an idea worth trying. Installing lights in this way will give you a better view of the bathroom, and minimize glare.
By using wall lighting will eliminate the lighting on the face, and give a better appearance than the light that is directly highlighted on the face. Placement of the wall lamp mounted higher or at eye level, allows this lamp to be more visible. Thus, you can choose a wall lamp with a more attractive appearance and design there.
Ceiling lights
This light is often in the middle of the room to illuminate each side. The use of these lamps is often aimed at general lighting in your bathroom. This lighting is installed in the middle of the room with a switch placed next to the door. However, just using a ceiling light will not maximize the lighting function in your bathroom. Usually, the use of ceiling lights will be accompanied by wall lamps for vanity and counter areas.
Bathroom Vanity
The use of lights on the bathroom dressing table usually uses 2 or more for the mirror area, and the best placement is a lamp that surrounds the mirror and is controlled in one switch. Apart from the use of wall lamps, dressing lamps, and ceiling lights are a good combination to maximize the lighting in your room.
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Placing this vanity lamp into a way to get the best function in your bathroom. At least general lighting with the ceiling and assisted lighting on the vanity, this is enough!
Track lighting
This option is often used in every room, and more often used for lighting dark and narrow areas. In addition to providing adding lighting, the use of these lamps will display a more dramatic impression on your area. The best news from using this lamp is that it uses no space, and gives perfect results for a dramatic impression!
The use of chandeliers in the bathroom does not seem to be a common choice! However, rethink the use of chandeliers in the bathroom will be an option to improve the look for your room. Chandeliers with a more unique and striking appearance will give a more dramatic look to any room. Even the Chandelier will be more often found in five-star hotels! So, what if it’s installed in your bathroom?

However, in a hanger Chandelier, a good hanger is as high as 12 feet. And for bathrooms with extra sizes, make sure the hanger is in a more stable position to maximize the lighting and appearance of the chandelier.

When you install lighting in the bathroom, you are not required to have the 5 types of lighting above. At least bring 2 or 3 that are already representative, lighting in the bathroom with a light almost in the daytime is the most appropriate idea to maximize the appearance of space and style in it.

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