Review Open Floor Plan For Your Design Considerations min

Review Open Floor Plan For Your Design Considerations

Open Floor Plan

The design of the “open floor plan” has been a lot of talks lately, this one design is a design style where two or more of the rooms are combined and give a bigger look by fig removing the boundary walls in the room. This style has also become a trend for renewing old houses. Often plans for open floor plans are used in kitchens and dining areas, dining rooms and living rooms, or even when this space becomes one to get a wider and bigger look.
From this design, it is possible for a room to have a more open look with more orderly traffic, to make you more inspired about an open floor plan, keep scrolling and get all the information about an open floor plan!

Review Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan
This one design plan is not a design for connecting all rooms, and the word “open” does not mean that every room that is combined does not have the slightest bit of wiping between spaces. The design of this room is only intended for public spaces in your home, not private space! This design plan is often used in the dining room, kitchen, and living room.


  • Kitchen + dining room: This amalgamation is the most common amalgamation in every home, often the elongated kitchen island is a dividing line between the two existing rooms.
  • Space then + Living room: Usually the separator for this room is the stairs or the use of color in the room.
  • Merging the dining room + living room + kitchen: Combining when this room is not an impossible thing and is often used on domed ceilings.


Summary of Open Floor Plans
Initially, this design was born in a large house that has a large and basic floor view, with a hallway that provides easy access to an, especially functioning branch room. And often these plans are in the back room where the kitchen and dining room are located, at first these plans are intended for home cook cooking performances before they serve a fancy dinner. As time goes by, pro designers create open floor designs that combine 3 rooms at once, and often the separator is a fireplace.
The open floor design became more popular after the second world war with the initial goal of supervising children during the preparatory process. This floor plan allows users of the room to get clearer traffic, easy navigation from one room to another, and easy to watch over children while you are sup for soup for dinner.
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Innovation continues to grow and make the appearance of the room look more practical. The use of steel structural beams, central heating, gypsum, and cinder-block construction makes the room easier in navigation and supervision.
This open space display became a more modern look in the 1950s and the design was more organized. Even the open floor design is a hallmark of medieval decor. And for the open floor design, the cooking room is a center for various social activities.
Growing developments occurred in the 1990s and the appearance of open floor plans appeared in cities and even apartments. This design even adds value to your home!

Open floor plans do provide comfort to the user of the room, but not infrequently this design makes homeowners make arrangements more often because chaos will quickly occur in this design.

Overuse of open floor plans


  • You will get better traffic and navigation. Without using room wipes, you will easily see every guest move there and here without the slightest obstacle in your room.
  • Maintain communication. You don’t even need a wall to have warm conversations with people across the room.
  • More effective lighting. With this design, you will get more effective lighting in your room and this can mean one lighting for various rooms.
  • Give added value to the home. Many prospective buyers will be more interested in the open floor plan design because this design provides a truly real visual appearance.
  • Ease of supervision, with this design you no longer need to run around to check what your toddler is doing in the living room while cooking.
  • Ease of layout, this design makes it easy for you in room settings and various accessories.


Design Weaknesses
  • Temperature control, with a large room and a higher ceiling, will make you spend more energy to regulate the temperature in the room. When you find one room feels less hot or cold then your temperature setting will have to have an impact on everything!
  • Kontruski is more expensive, for an open floor plan you will get steel and laminated beams to support the space and this is not cheap!
  • Voice control, without the wall dividing the room, every sound that is there will be mixed and will not infrequently make an unpleasant noise.
  • There is no privacy, with an open floor plan you will get a really easy room for social activities but when looking for a comfortable place to study or read this novel can be a little difficult.

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