Apart from lilies, roses are one of the most popular flowering plants for gardeners. Not only because of their charming appearance, but roses also have a fragrant and captivating aroma. Rose garden design ideas are a garden with a symbol of romance, friendship, and also love.

Presenting a rose garden in the backyard will add color and happiness to your home. With this collection of smart tips, you can easily create a Rose garden design to color your garden!

Rose Garden Design Ideas Must be Tried

Rose Garden Design Ideas Must be Tried 2

Rose Garden Design Ideas

Determining the Type of Rose

Rose garden design ideas start with the selection of varieties for your garden! With so many different choices available, roses come in many charming shapes and colors to consider. An option that you can consider is roses that are low maintenance, disease-resistant, and are also suitable for various seasons.

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Some varieties of roses can flower only once, but there are also roses that bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. When choosing roses, a choice of roses that flower repeatedly is a better idea for you as they can create a pleasant feel for your personal garden all the time.


Rose garden design ideas cannot be done randomly, because the planting time also affects how the flowers grow and look. The ideal time to do this is during the early spring shows. It is at this time that you can plant roses directly to the ground or in pot mediation.

Planting at this time will allow you to enjoy the flower displays when summer arrives.

Pay attention to soil composition

Rose garden design ideas won’t work well when you don’t have rich soil to plant your roses. During a planting, project try to mix some organic matter into your planting area!

Start using rotting compost and then mix it into the soil used for planting. Options you might consider include Kellogg Garden Organics All Natural Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables and use a 50-50 ratio of soil to find a good growing medium for your roses later.

However, if the material used is not decaying material, the root of the rose may rot because the compost will heat up and eventually rot.

A good pH use for the soil is 6.5 and is obtained when mixing compost, seaweed flour, and alfalfa flour.

Rose garden design ideas by distance

You need to remember that planting roses too close can cause health problems and also increase the potential for the plant to become moldy. When planting roses, make sure you leave a good distance between the plants.

This allows the plants to have a good flow of oxygen to each other. Having enough spacing will also prevent roses from catching various diseases and also allow them to grow optimally!

Rose garden design ideas by Lighting

Make sure you place your roses in an area that has direct sunlight! This will make the roses grow better (when in direct sunlight), planting in a continuously sunlit area for at least half a day will make your roses grow better and optimally.

Rose Planting Tips

However, you will be growing roses in the area of the house, whether it be from seeds or a rose growing in a pot there are a few things you have to make sure of!

Rose Garden Design Ideas with Roses in a pot

  1. As for planting roses that are in pots, you can cut the pots and then slide the plants out! Planting roses that are in pots often have a very poor root system! Removing the plant must be very careful.
  2. The next steps are the same as before!

A rose with dry roots

  1. Make sure to check the root system to take care of the health of the root itself. When any of the root clumps dry up freshly cut them!
  2. Make a hole approximately 18 inches deep and larger than the root.
  3. Place the dry roots into the hole with the roots spreading out! Then bury it again with the existing soil.
  4. Once the plant is standing, to get new growth from the plant try cutting a few inches off any existing branches.

How to care for rose plants


Remember to get a lush rose, the best watering is not on the leaves, but on the soil! Especially when the weather is prolonged hot, the more regular watering will make the roses grow better. However, watering cannot be arbitrary! A rose submerged in water is not a good choice for making it grow.

Stagnant water can be a source of disease for roses! Stagnant water can be a place for various diseases, fungi, and can even rot the roots. To avoid this, try to water the roses in the morning so that the soil stays moist during the hot days.


Cutting roses on rose garden design ideas don’t just apply to the beginning of planting roses! However, you also need to cut it when the plant starts blooming to make the roses live longer. The best time for cutting to care for and give the plant a longer life is when the year begins with warm advertisements, or between January and April when it is winter!


To make your roses look their best, try to nourish the soil! Coffee grounds are a very good organic matter for soil and can improve the quality of your soil.

Make sure when sprinkling the powder, don’t get too close to the plants! Coffee grounds have nitrogen-burning potential and can kill your roses.

Cleanse Eve

Last but not least, rose garden care is to make sure your plants are not attacked by pests! The natural enemy of the rose planter is the Japanese Beetle. They will spoil your plant chewing roses and eventually the rose look will be unflattering.

The only way to solve this problem is to pull out the beetles that are present and throw them in the bucket filled with soap.

Hopefully, these rose garden design ideas will help you to create a garden oasis that is completely charming and comfortable with a variety of colors and a pleasant rose scent to enjoy.

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