9 Rustic Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

9+ Rustic Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

Still talking about popular design options for the bathroom! It’s time to discuss the rustic style bathroom. Rustic style bathroom ideas are an option for those who want to bring out the beauty of nature and want to incorporate various rough materials into their space.

If you want to incorporate some wood blocks and chiseled stone into your bathroom, then rustic style bathroom ideas can be your consideration! Keep reading and find out the most appropriate steps to bring a rustic style bathroom into the room.

Things to pay attention to

Keep in mind that rustic style bathroom ideas are ideas that embrace the charming look of nature with natural materials, and the addition of textiles to get a warm and comfortable impression.

Although the rustic style is a style that is inspired from the past, the current interpretation is more towards a contemporary look with several key elements:

  1. Carved stone beams, wall panels, and cabinets
  2. Natural stone flooring, accent walls, and wall treatments
  3. Dark-tone metal hardware with a matte or polished finish
  4. Use of a nature-inspired color palette
  5. With basic materials such as natural wood, stone, and also copper

With the key elements to bringing out the country style above, you won’t get:

  • Palette with wild tones (colorful)
  • Renewed look
  • Smooth finish
  • The use of mix and match on materials and finishes in the room.

The color palette in a rustic bathroom

In decorating a rustic bathroom, you will use tones that have a natural impression such as stone or stone. Ideas for using color in a rustic bathroom that you can consider include:

  1. Neutral tones: Using tones inspired by straw, stone, wheat, cream, and buttermilk
  2. Earth tones: Mushroom, terra cotta, sepia, and chestnut-inspired look
  3. And warmer tones: With notes like cinnamon, pumpkin, chili, roasted apple, and also turmeric.

Furniture-looking vanity

Vanity Style In Rustic Bathroom Design
Vanity Style In Rustic Bathroom Design

Let’s start Rustic style bathroom ideas with vanity selection! The most popular option to date is to use a vanity that has a wooden look with furniture-style details.

Vanity with legs and open shelves is a very charming idea because it will give the impression of a space that feels more comfortable for a rustic style in your bathroom.

Use of wood

Wood has an important role in maximizing the rustic look in the bathroom. Wood is the key to rustic style bathroom ideas to give a warm impression and reflect the outdoor appearance.

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Style For Try!

You can bring wooden beams, paneled walls, floors, dressing tables, and also some other accessories made of wood. To prevent moisture damage to the bathroom, you must pay attention to installation and also finish with a good ventilation system!

However, the use of materials that have the appearance of wood can be an alternative to overcome this one problem!

Ship sink

Sink type in rustic style bathroom ideas
Sink type in rustic style bathroom ideas

The next rustic style bathroom idea is to use a laver sink! Usually, this type of sink is made of copper or stone. It has a very elegant appearance and is suitable to be used as a focal point in the bathroom.

Stone material

Rustic style bathroom ideas with stone materials
Rustic style bathroom ideas with stone materials

Try to include stone material in several areas such as the floor, stone counter, and also the shower area. The stone material that you apply will bring more natural texture into your rustic style bathroom.

Options such as slate, plane stone, soapstone, pebble tile, or travertine are good ideas to add texture to the bathroom.


The use of a freestanding bathtub is the best idea to be the center of attention in a rustic bathroom. The use of a copper bathtub will give a warm impression in the room and is perfect for completing your rustic look!


Rustic style bathroom ideas with metal materials
Rustic style bathroom ideas with metal materials

Rustic style bathroom ideas with metal materials often come with a patina or matte look rather than a glossy look! When you are looking for metal hardware, be sure to look for it in dark tones.

Weathered metal finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, antique-finished brass, and hammered copper are the most sensible choices for using metal in a rustic bathroom.


As this rustic bathroom decor project goes on, be sure to have an outdoor-inspired finish that feels comfortable and relaxing. To perfect your rustic style bathroom ideas, you can include wall hangings with a natural look, woven rugs, filament lamps, and some accessories made of copper, stone, or wood!

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