Selection of Bathroom Countertops Material For More Impact min

Selection of Bathroom Countertops Material For More Impact

Bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops become a choice of bathroom decorations that are often forgotten by some. The bathroom table has the convenience of choosing from a table for your kitchen, the bathroom table is completely spared from knives, hot pans, trays, ovens, and others. Even the bathroom countertop has the ease in choosing materials, shapes, styles, and treatments. Countertops become a charming decoration for your bathroom and have the best contribution for each of your rooms.

Choosing bathroom countertops is not as difficult as choosing for your kitchen; just consider what kind of activity you will need when using these countertops. And what materials will be the best in placing countertops in the bathroom? You will get many countertops recommendations for your bathroom and an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages they provide.

Selection of Bathroom Countertops Material

Selection of Bathroom Countertops Material For More Impact min

What considerations should you know about the selection of countertops?
In maintaining the look of your bathroom with countertops, you need to consider several factors such as: How often you use the bathroom, the number of users of your bathroom, the amount of time you need while in the bathroom, and several other factors. Ask yourself and answer these questions to get the right choice for your bathroom countertops.
The purpose of your bathroom will be a determining factor in the selection of your countertops. The bathroom with the usual use does not get messy like a bathroom that has full use. A complete bathroom will have more complete equipment as well as toothpaste, hairspray, makeup, cream, and many of your personal equipment in it. You might even have some equipment for medicines and also your child’s personal equipment.
The secret way to choose countertops is to choose countertops that are compatible with the function of your room. See how many family members you will use your bathroom. The more people who use the bathroom means you will get even more mess. Use with a high level of clutter makes you required to have a surface that is durable and easy to maintain.
Before you choose countertops you have to consider how long you will occupy your home! If you will stay in your home and will not move for a long period of time, don’t hesitate in choosing and investing your money for countertops. But if you intend to sell your house in the near future the increase in impression for bathrooms with countertops is good enough for you. The bathroom is also a room that will always be visited by everyone who is there without exception, arrangements for maintaining and caring for cleanliness in the bathroom is a must for you. The choice of countertops with ease in care can be an alternative in the selection.

The choice of your countertops is also inseparable from how many counts from your bathroom sink. If you use an integral sink with ease of cleaning you can use concrete or glass countertops.

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The most common materials and most interested in homeowners for countertops in the bathroom are granite, marble, quartz, laminate, solid surface, concrete, and tile. Read and learn how countertops with this material are a favorite for bathrooms and what are the weaknesses and strengths that are given.
Granite Material
Granite is available in many patterns that you can choose from smooth to thick. Granite stone is one of the choices for countertops in your bathroom that will give a dramatic look that is very elegant and the beauty of granite will provide added value to your home.
Advantages of Granite
  • Showing elegant style
  • Durable, waterproof, stain, scratch, and also easy to clean
  • The durability of granite will be superior and moisture resistant
  • You will get minimal maintenance when you install your granite correctly
Granite Weaknesses
  1. Being an expensive countertops material than others
  2. You need a professional to install your granite, without the correct installation your granite will be damaged quickly
Granite Maintenance
  • You must make your granite sealing schedule at least 6/12 months.
  • Clean your granite by using warm water and liquid detergent for maximum results.
  • You can remove scratches on your countertops by polishing them slowly.
Marble Material
Many homeowners consider that marble has an impression of wealth and a privilege. But over time, marble became more affordable for home-building materials. Marble has many variants that are not white with gray lines.


  • This material is very terrible, strong to withstand dents
  • You will get a sparkling impression if you polish it with a little matte coating


  1. You will get a high price for this material
  2. The porous nature of this stone will make your surface vulnerable to scratches, stains, and acidic substances
  3. You need sealing for a good Final result


  • When taking care never use any cleaning solution containing this acid which will damage your countertops. Use dishwashing soap wash with water and spray it for your countertops and clean it with a wet hot air cloth.
You will get various types of colors and styles in this laminate material. A material that has friendliness in a budget and a good choice for bathrooms. Laminate has a thin plastic-based surface that is bound to expose particles. Along with the development of this laminate era using molds that have the final impression like wood. This material selection will be suitable for bathrooms with a low level of activity.
  1. The price of this material is very reasonable (affordable)
  2. Have many patterns and colors for your choice
  3. Easy cleaning, water-resistant and low maintenance
  4. stain resistant
  5. Ease of installation


  • Laminate has a minimal level of thickness and is dull
  • Vulnerable scratches
  • When you get damage you cannot repair it.
You should immediately clean the dirt on your countertops. You even have to clean them once a day using a soft cloth with liquid and wet detergent.
In addition to being an idol in the election for countertops, they also come with cheap expenses. Present in many color choices that you can adjust to the style in your bathroom. Give creativity to the room on a large scale. For concrete with pores, you need good sealing and regular maintenance to maintain their shape.
  • Concrete is a material that can mimic the appearance of natural stone
  • You can adjust the shape, size, dimensions, and color for your room
  • durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  1. You need installation from a professional
  2. You need regular sealing and waxing for moisture and stain resistance
  3. Can peel off
You need a net cleaner and avoid using cleaners or cleaning solutions because they can erode your sealer.
Tile Material
You will get a cheap price for this material. However, they are present in the grout line which is difficult to clean. Presenting various types of stone tile materials, ceramics, and others. Even the ceramic tiles will present a Spanish or beach colonial style.
  • This tile is suitable for your bathroom because it is resistant to moisture
  • You will be able to choose many types of styles and designs
  • Cheap
  • Resistant to heat, stains, and scratches
  • You can replace it if it breaks


  1. Prone to cracking
  2. Not an interesting thing if an increase in selling prices
  3. Need sealing for stone tiles
You will get ease in treatment by using detergent and warm water.

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