Selection of the Best Bathroom Plants with Minimal Sunlight min

Selection of the Best Bathroom Plants with Minimal Sunlight

Bathroom Plants

Bringing plants into the bathroom is an activity that is quite difficult. Various chemicals, humidity, and also the light that is in the bathroom will make you a little trouble finding the right plants. However, this does not mean you do not have the choice of plants in the bathroom … Tropical plants are choices that you can bring into your living room. There are even plants that don’t need much sun. Knowing what types of plants are suitable for the bathroom will make it easier for you to choose. The following are plant selection considerations for your bathroom:

Selection of the Best Bathroom Plants

Selection of the Best Bathroom Plants with Minimal Sunlight min

In fact, many bathrooms have small windows, and some even don’t have windows. Even low-light plants will still need sunlight to grow. When you don’t have a window in the bathroom, using neon lights can be a good alternative to being a buffer.
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Bathroom with a variety of air in it is a problem that you should pay attention to, hot water showers from taps, bathtubs and another showering will cause humidity in the bathroom to be very high. Thus this can be good for indoor plants but some are not suitable for being in the bathroom.
Bathroom minimalist is a challenge for the placement of green plants in it. A good alternative is to make a selection with plants that can grow well in a hanging basket or a vines variant that will fit on a bathroom shelf or a small vent can be suitable for this plant.
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Here are the choices of plants that can grow with minimal light or without direct light


  • Peace Lily; This plant is a low maintenance option with shiny green and white leaves, like a flower. Growing up to 1-5 feet tall. This flower is a good choice for bathrooms that can clean the bathroom from air pollutants. They can also develop in low light conditions, but still, need indirect light to grow. Make sure the animal does not approach this flower because the leaves are beautiful for you, becoming poison for your pet.
  • Boston Fern; Is a choice of plants that like cold temperatures, high humidity, and low indirect light. Because this plant is very fond of humidity, you can do a little spray every once a week.
  • Philodendron; This is an interior plant with heart-shaped leaves with very easy maintenance even for those of you who are beginners in caring for interior plants. Even this plant is a very perfect choice because they can grow all year long. Philodendrons are plants that like sunny areas with indirect light, leaf dust will also help these plants absorb light and keep them alive.
  • Spider; This plant is a unique choice and grows from shoots called spiderettes. With white flowers dangling like a spider. This plant has a variety of green and diverse varieties, by cutting it alone can multiply it. This plant is also a good choice in removing air pollutants.
  • Aloe Verra; This plant is often referred to as a plant “eternity” because it has a long life, this plant is also a plant that can provide the antidote. The gel in it will help you minimize pain from bites, scratches, and burns. And juices from this plant contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. But aloe vera needs light to keep growing.
  • English Ivy; This plant is one of the plants that will purify the air in every room. With this plant, you can even get rid of mold in the air.
  • Snake Plant; This plant is often also referred to as a hard aloe vera plant. The leaves of this plant have charming yellow or white edges. This plant can also eliminate toxins in the air including formaldehyde, this hard plant is a good choice for being in the bathroom.
  • Orchid; Plants that present a tropical impression in the bathroom. Orchids are plants that will grow more fertile in moist areas.

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