Everything You Need in Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

Everything You Need in Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

The choice of “shabby chic”-style decoration is a design style that is very popular because it is considered to increase the feel of a space that feels casual and feminine. The shabby chic style has undergone several transformations that give it a more modern impression, feel warm, comfortable, and visually appealing. Shabby chic bedroom designs are becoming a really popular choice to increase the sense of comfort to recharge after a full day of work.

To apply the shabby chic style in the bedroom, you have to be more creative with unique decorating ideas. To keep your decorating project at bay, we’ve put together a list of shabby chic bedroom designs on a budget. Here’s what you should do!

Head of bed

Basically, the shabby chic style is a style that must be complemented by pale colors and makeup tones that look dusty. For a shabby chic bedroom designs project, you can add a headboard in a light tone that is placed under a textured surface with a dark hue. The use of light-tone headboards aims to balance the atmosphere when you use more patterns than all-white tones in a shabby bedroom.

The use of a headboard with a stylish appearance will increase the romantics in the bedroom, and in its use, you can choose the best silhouette and material that attracts your attention. However, the choice of a headboard with tufted fabric is the most comfortable idea (in my opinion).


Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs Sheets
Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs Sheets

To give a more playful touch in a shabby-inspired bedroom, you can include bed sheets with floral or polka dot motifs. This is a great way to bring out color and print while maintaining a sense of comfort (both visually and tactile).

Wooden bed frame

Best Bed Frame in Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs
Best Bed Frame in Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

If you use a wooden bed frame to create a vintage feel in a shabby chic scheme, then giving it a milky white color will create a softer and calmer bedroom look. In fact, using a bed with a vintage feel is a great way to maximize the shabby chic charm you want.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs Storage
Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs Storage

When we adopt a shabby chic style, then never neglect storage because consistent storage is also one way of optimization in this design. Incorporating a small cabinet with drawers that appear in harmony with the dominant hue in the bedroom will complete the look in the bedroom.

Maybe it’s pink tones or other pastel tones, so you can repaint the cabinets in depressed tones with a matte finish to give the feminine impression that is needed in a shabby chic concept.

Keep simple

Remember that the shabby chic style is a design that comes with a simple and minimalist look. When looking for items such as beds, throw pillows, and room accessories make sure to choose them in a simple look to make editing projects easier and improve the quality of the shabby style itself.

The use of a simple and minimal display of items will give the impression of a space that is always neat and not visually disturbing.


In recent years, this style is a style that comes with a vintage look to get more attention. And until now, when choosing furniture to decorate your shabby-style room, it is still recommended to use vintage items. Used furniture, as well as vintage furniture, will make it easier for you to personalize your shabby chic bedroom designs!

Shabby vintage curtains

Curtains Options for Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs
Curtains Options for Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

Is the white tone the dominant tone in your bedroom? White is indeed the safest tone in a modern bedroom scheme, although it requires you to keep it clean, this tone really gives a sense of comfort to its users. And the best way to soften white tones is to add a few white accents to your bedroom furniture and window treatments.

To tie the charm to the curtains can be done in any tone! Maybe green to pink or dark blue even a wrought iron-inspired look like brass, or chrome.

Make Your Blue Mediterranean Bedroom here!

Decoration in white tones

In shabby chic bedroom designs, you can’t just use white and white! While this tone is ideal for a shabby chic style, it will also personalize and reflect a unique feel and character. Thus, when using white tones, it’s a good idea to add some color for added energy in your white scheme.

Combining soothing pastel tones and neutral tones will create a Shabby Chic charm that stands out even more!

Basic material

Best Material for Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs
Best Material for Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

To get perfection in the shabby chic design, the use of lace, rattan, jute, and also toile materials are the main ingredients to consider. These tones will enhance the softness and classic feel needed in a shabby chic decor!

Play with textures by combining lace, burlap, toile, and rattan to enhance the charm of a more captivating space. The good news about the available material options is that they come at a lower price and are easier to find.

Hang vintage wall hangings with art frames

vintage wall Art in Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs
vintage wall Art in Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

An antique photo frame is a must to perfect the details of a shabby chic bedroom. An option that could be considered is to create a gallery wall cluster and use details from more immersive vintage elements.

This will create a more colorful appearance of the space, and a little emphasis will give the impression that what is actually there is expected. Hanging it on the wall above the bed is a great idea to create a great focal point in a shabby-style room!

In the shabby chic bedroom designs project, you should not be present without antique elements and beautiful fabrications, and romantic impressions. The white look does give a calm and comfortable feeling in the bedroom, this tone also gives the room a more spacious impression. However, don’t forget to add additional accessories and decorative items to make it seem more romantic and warmer!

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