Simple Backyard Design Ideas on Budget

Simple Backyard Design Ideas on Budget

The backyard is indeed the most sensible place to enjoy the afternoon air while drinking a cup of coffee. However, what is the right way to design a backyard to appear more charming and comfortable all the time? And doesn’t decorating the backyard take a lot of money too? Don’t worry! Simple backyard design ideas will help you to decorate your backyard easily and at a more affordable cost.

Simple Backyard Design Ideas

Alternatives to Mulch
Basically, mulch is an item to save time and budget in watering and weeding the needs of your garden. However, you need to know that mulch is not a cheap item! They are quite budget-conscious and it is for this reason that to save on budget we should look for alternatives to mulch!

Simple backyard design ideas to replace mulch:

  • Grass clippings; When you are caring for the plant by cutting off its leaves, try to take clippings and collect them scattering them on a flower bed to make a good mulch substitute.
  • Leaf; The next alternative to mulch is to use thinly cut or grated leaves, besides being good as a substitute for mulch, this cut leaf also provides more nutrients for your plants.
  • Compost; When you create a compost bin, then try to use it for optimization in your landscape. What needs to be paid attention to is to be careful when coating, not too thick! Because excessive thickness can cause the plant to overheat and damage it slowly.
  • Newspaper; Instead of letting old newspaper waste sit in the warehouse and fill the room, you can use it as a substitute for mulch by stacking it for about 5 pages and then covering it with soil before pressing your plants.
  • Stone; For mulch from stone material is not a suitable option for various plants. However, when you can place it properly, weeding costs can be reduced.

Extra knowledge for rock mulch! Basically, rock mulch will work best in clean areas such as pool areas, or narrow clear areas between buildings and sidewalks. This is because grass clippings and existing organic materials will not contaminate the rock mulch in these strategic places.

Use of Used Tires
A used car or motorcycle tire is a space-consuming item and is difficult to get rid of! Instead of bothering to get rid of it, try to use it for your backyard designs. Play with your creativity and make used tires work as a decorative addition in the backyard!  Tips to Decorate used tires in the backyard:

  • Stack and make tires look great in your garden
  • Make a hanging planter by filling it with 1/2 tire scale soil and attaching it to your wall or fence
  • Create a simple pool with a tire as a base

Simple backyard design ideas  on a vertical area
This one is a great way for those who don’t have enough backyard space! Playing with vertical areas can be a great way to create a charming backyard.

Principles Of Garden Design Must Know

At its target, vertical gardening can be done with a little creativity and using additional items to make planting easier there. When you have a very limited backyard, then it is the vertical area that can be optimized. Not only does it save available space, but it’s a very easy option to do. In fact, you can create a vertical backyard using just a few old plastic bottles!

Simple backyard design ideas with a vertical style to try:

  • Use wooden ladders, terracotta pots, and wire as support for the plants
  • Wash the old paint can and fill it with dirt then hang it up
  • Use a picture frame to create a vertical succulent garden in the backyard
  • Turn the wooden fence into a vertical garden using a few hanging pots and wood screws.

Simple backyard design ideas About Color Splash

Backyards in green tones are a very common thing! To create a more inviting look, we need some extra color there. Simple backyard design ideas by adding a few colors can create a more prominent look on your backyard.

The coloring project is the same as when we were painting! Give it a try by plugging in some striking colors, painting a chair or table, and adding a few items in a flashier tone. In fact, you don’t even need a fresh can of paint to update your backyard look! Simply use the leftovers from the previous project for your color rendering success.

Apart from playing with the paint, you can also add a splash of color by inserting flower leaves, positioning your patio, and entrance!

Simple backyard design ideas with multifunctional plants
Besides being present as ornamental plants, plants also have other functions as vegetables or spices. Creating a DIY garden with a few herbs can be a really sensible idea for your backyard. Vegetables and herbs can be great ideas for a small backyard, as well as helping out with your expenses when summer arrives!

Simple backyard design ideas With outdoor fireplace area

A simple backyard design idea that can bring your family together is to create a warm area to gather and grill BBQ. The campfire area is an area that can be used as an alternative! Even creating this area won’t cost you a fortune! There are several ways to create a campfire area that won’t cost a fortune:

  • Create a campfire area by blocking walls with concrete supports
  • Use a cinder block
  • Concrete fire bowl

Simple backyard design ideas Plant a tree as a focal point
Creating a focal point in the backyard can be done easily by simply planting a tree. In fact, trees are an easy, inexpensive, and time-consuming item! You will only need a digger, mulch, and a tree.

In fact, when you get the right tree, the backyard will look even more charming and comfortable to live in.

Simple backyard design ideas Lighting
Wherever decoration projects are undertaken, lighting is an item that should not be overlooked. When decorating a backyard, a Simple backyard design idea that can work really well is to include rope lighting! This lighting is a soft ambient type lighting and turns your patio look into a cozy gathering place!

This rope light even comes at a very affordable cost! You can get them starting at $ 6 per thread, or for $ 10 for a fancier look like the clear Globe strand. The globe thread option is a more expensive idea, but has better resistance to flashing lights and is also easy to replace.

These simple backyard design ideas can be your guide to a more comfortable and eye-catching backyard without spending a fortune! All it takes is a little effort to get the best results.

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