Do you have a small bathroom? Confused about the best way to optimize it? We know how you feel! That’s why we share Simple bedroom design ideas that will create a wider impression in your room.

You need to remember that a small (minimalist) bathroom has more ways to optimize than a large bathroom! When you want to get the impression of a wider bedroom, there are several ways you can try. Here are tips to maximize the potential of your small bedroom.

Use a simple layout

There is no special trick in creating the layout in your bedroom! This is the most common setting when decorating a bedroom “a main wall for the bed”.

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

And this arrangement is the best choice for you to make when starting to design your bedroom. Placing the bed in the middle of the existing main wall is a better choice than having to push the bed to the other side.

The key to the arrangement is to have sides wide enough to walk on either side of your bed. In this way, you will create a clear flow of space and look neater!

Use of color tones

Whatever the size of your bedroom, whether it’s a small bedroom or a jumbo-sized bedroom. You can use a wide selection of color palettes there! Some people think that dark tones are a disaster when decorating a small bedroom.

However, the dark tones in the room should be considered! The use of dark tones in the bedroom will give the impression of a more intimate and dramatic space. The key to using dark tones is to pay attention to the size of the space, and the intensity of the use of color in it!

A choice of charcoal gray tones, navy blue, or olive green will create a bedroom that looks chicer and calming.

We do say that using dark tones in the bedroom is not fatal, but remember the intensity! You can use dark tones by applying them to the accent wall in the bedroom.

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

However, whether you go for a gloomy tone or stick to a fresh pale tone make sure to keep more light sources in the room. The flow of light is the key to maintaining a refreshing and open-looking space.

The choice of decorative lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or pendants, bedside lamps, floor lamps, and some wall sconces will enhance the atmosphere in the room. So, whatever tone you use make sure to create a clear and orderly flow of lighting in your bedroom.

For more fun accent colors, you can use refreshing tones by incorporating tones from patterned rugs, curtains, blankets, and small items in the room.

Nightstand Area

Many people assume that because of the existing size, the use of smaller furniture will be better. And many people assume that a small nightstand will work well in the bedroom. However, is it true?

If you pay attention, a too-small nightstand next to the bed will look really weird! Instead of buying furniture with a small size, it would be better if you buy furniture with normal size (harmonious). These simple bedroom design ideas will give the impression of a room that feels bigger and will work more functionally for you!

Space illusion

Don’t forget to create illusions! The simplest way to give the impression of a space that looks large is to play with various items in it. One idea that can be tried is to hang the curtains as high as possible (as close to the ceiling as possible). Thus, you will get a bedroom that feels more spacious than it actually is.

In addition to hanging it, be sure to also choose a fabric in a tone that matches the existing space.

Eliminate Chaos

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

No matter what optimization you do in the box, it won’t work if your room has too much stuff! These are simple bedroom design ideas that don’t require money and are mandatory to do.

In this case, start sorting the items in the room and get rid of items that are not really needed.

Think out of the box

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 100 Work

Another thing that can be tried is to create an airy appearance by including several large items. The use of carpets with the maximum size that can be overcome in the bedroom, the addition of a canopy will have a big impact on your room.

The game of scale can be a way to play with an existing design, without sacrificing the appearance in it.

Bring the plants in

Make the bedroom fresher by bringing some houseplants inside! Ornamental plants that are brought in will give a pop of color to the room and add freshness to it. You don’t need to bring too many plants, just 1-2 plants are enough to increase the freshness in your bedroom.

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Double duty furniture

Basically, the bed will only be used when you want to lie down or sleep, so why not make it extra work? Using a daybed is a better option for relaxing and working in one space. This way, you’ll save more space when you’re not using the bed.

If possible, you might consider adding a small coffee table.

Aren’t the Simple bedroom design ideas above really amazing? Even when implementing it you will not spend a lot of money. So take it easy!

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