Simple Elegant Bathroom Design Must Consider 2

Simple Elegant Bathroom Design Must Consider

A bathroom makeover is a waste of time if you don’t add a sense of comfort and elegance to it! The most sensible idea to increase the charm of the bathroom is to turn it into a more comfortable area than before.

This simple elegant bathroom design idea will guide you to maximize the potential for attractiveness and comfort in your room. When redecorating a bathroom, you must hold on to the keys to its success, namely comfort, sophistication, elegance, and softness!

To get an elegant bathroom design there are several things that you can consider, keep scrolling and choose some of the best ideas that are suitable to enhance the charm of your bathroom!

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Cabinet Area

The first simple elegant bathroom design idea is to maximize the cabinet area! Basically, this area is an area that is designed in such a way as to maximize storage, organize various items, and add a sense of comfort (visually) in the bathroom.

Simple Elegant Bathroom Design Must Consider 1
Simple Elegant Bathroom Design Must Consider

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Using taller cabinets on either side of the sink will give you additional eye-level storage that’s perfect for the bathroom. The use of a cabinet like this is also very suitable for small bathrooms because it will increase its visual appearance.

To make it even more charming, you can use a mirror with a gold or silver frame! Thus, the existing light will be reflected and give the impression that this is a truly luxurious room.

If you have more space, try adding a pair of tables and use them as an additional vanity in your bathroom. Its use will be better than having to fill an existing wall to store extra towels!

Tile Area

The floor is the largest area in any room, and the bathroom is no exception! And in this area, we can maximize the existing look by using the best choice of materials you can get. And for today the best material is ceramic tile!

Simple elegant bathroom design with ceramic tiles will make it easier for you to determine the shape and texture to your liking. In fact, you can also get a look that resembles natural materials such as wood, stone, and so on.

For those on a budget, decorative tiles come in a variety of cuts! You can take simple measurements to determine the right size for your room.

Sink Area

If you pay attention, any elegant bathroom will come with more than a sink! If possible, you can add a sink in your bathroom. Place the sink next to another sink on an elongated counter.

To get a charming look, make sure to leave enough space between the sinks. The idea is that people don’t rub against each other.

Some people who are in a renovation project, may choose to place their sink in front of the window to get a pleasant flow of natural light. Even the addition of a golden framed mirror will enhance its charm!

An equally charming option to enhance the appearance of the bathroom is to use a sink with a large bowl display that is installed on the table. In fact, this option comes with many ingredients you can use! From stone, metal, glass, and so on.


The next simple elegant bathroom design idea is to maximize the lighting in your bathroom! In the bathroom, the best lighting is optimal lighting in the work area. On this side, you must maximize the appearance of the vanity area.

Simple Elegant Bathroom Design Must Consider 3
Simple Elegant Bathroom Design Must Consider

Using wall sconces on both sides of the mirror, additional overhead chandeliers, and additional small lights on the dressing table are ideas that you must consider.

When choosing lighting fixtures in the bathroom, you need to make sure they all work well and balance each other out.


The fabric in the bathroom becomes an item that is quite interesting to optimize in order to get an elegant look in the bathroom. Simple elegant bathroom design, the next idea is to replace the existing window treatments and upholstery with more attractive materials.

The window area, shower area curtains, rugs, and other existing fabrics can be replaced with attractive materials to create a better appeal in your bathroom.  The good news is, you won’t need a lot of money to replace some of the upholstery you have in your bathroom, so don’t worry!


To create a truly elegant bathroom, you must be able to choose the best furniture for your room. Options such as high cabinets, vanity areas, and storage areas are items that are very suitable for optimization.

Then insert a comfortable bench or chair to use when you are making up. Every item in the bathroom is an item that has its own charm, make sure to optimize and combine with each other to get your own elegant bathroom look!

Cabinet Knob

Of course! You must have a theme that underlies your bathroom design, right? So how about using an Existing theme to increase the charm in the bathroom? Knobs come with a wide selection of materials such as glass, metal, tin, and so on. And you can also find knobs with unique shapes.

This is where you can improve the look of your bathroom by choosing the right shape and material that fits your design!

Bathroom faucet

The last simple elegant bathroom design ideas are the simplest, but have the same impact as other existing ideas. Replacing a bathroom faucet with a more prominent material such as metallic brass or chrome will increase the appeal in your room.

Isn’t that very simple? Decide which part you are going to remodel and work on! Hopefully simple elegant bathroom design ideas work well for your room.

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