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Simple Home Office Setup You Must Try

Home Office Setup

There are several countries that have made it past the pandemic period and some others are still struggling to immediately resolve the Covid-19 pandemic. Without realizing the impact of this pandemic has pushed the digital era 4.0 started accidentally. One of them working from home began to do a lot of office workers. And maybe you are one of them? This is the time to make changes to the home office, and create an area for productivity that is maintained. . .
Working from home has more advantages, from the flexibility of work schedules, time savings, and also the financial costs of transportation or meals can be minimized. When you start building a business from home, then designing a home office must be done to find convenience in business and increase productivity.
The success of working at home is supported by a comfortable and comfortable work area. Make your work area more effective and efficient with the tips on setting up a workspace below.

Simple Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup
List Your Needs
The type of work you do will be the determinant of your needs. As an example for myself, who works as a Blogger, I will need a comfortable work area with an armrest and comfortable backrest. In addition, I also need a soft and cold fur rug to make it comfortable when I work 9 hours per day. However, on the other side of the table, my desk doesn’t need much space because a small table with a pen and book for notes is quite helpful.
Every job from a homeowner can vary from consultant, blogger, accounting, graphic design, web developer, and others. Each type of work will have its own difficulty level and supporting tools. The only one who can answer what is needed in the work area is yourself! Take a piece of paper and write what you need in the home office. Every profession will definitely need special items to support its work.
Office Area
For a good home office, I like a quieter area and have privacy to work. This is very important! Especially for those of you who are married and have children and pets.
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Quiet and strategic areas are the best ideas for increasing your productivity. Sometimes, using office space near the entrance is also more practical for those who more often get clients.
When designing a home office, never forget lighting! This has a great effect on increasing your productivity. Having a workspace that gets natural light is a lucky homeowner! Natural light will make workers in front of the computer more focused and find the eyes more relaxed. As for those who prefer to work late into the night, you must bring in at least 2 types of lighting for the work area and another as lighting tasks to support the work!
Getting lighting with a better impression like during the day will be better because it will provide increased productivity and also focus. Windows and natural light are a combination to improve health and kill mold!
Separate Personal Life from the Work Area
Never try to bring your home life to the work area! This can make your performance decline and even interfere with work. One of them is when you have a business buying and selling, make sure you don’t mix personal accounts with professional accounts! This seems to be often done by several people. However, the fact that doing so will only make your personal life and work messy!
Business segmentation should really be for business! Not for a mix of personal life, at least you should realize that the work area is an area that is used for business purposes and is truly dedicated to working.
Create Tricks for Time Management
For writers, designers, or programmers would prefer to work in the middle of the night until morning (opposite working hours). It aims to make the work more comfortable and the imagination to keep going and comfortable.
However, I myself don’t really like working at night and sleeping during the day! Although working at home has the flexibility to choose working hours, in my opinion personally working at night is not fun when working at normal hours. I prefer to work as an office worker, from 8-5 hours, or maybe overtime 1-2 hours when needed.
Getting up early and doing a little warm-up before sitting in a chair for 9 hours a day will increase freshness and focus. I prefer a good night’s sleep and work during the day with a little warm-up and also breakfast.
To maximize your home office, you must prepare pens and books to register what items are needed and choose the most comfortable and suitable work area to support the work!

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