Simple Ideas Make Dark Room More Shining With Yourself min

Simple Ideas Make Dark Room More Shining With Yourself

Dark Room

If you want to brighten up a room that feels more like a cave (or even a little on the dim side), try this mix of beginner tips and sophisticated ideas to bring more light and maximize what you already have. How to Brighten up dark space to display wider and fresher? If you want a fresh and bright room in your home, without the dim side you can read our tips for you to brighten the room and bring more light and maximize lighting in your room.

Simple Ideas Make Dark Room

Simple Ideas Make Dark Room More Shining With Yourself min

Let’s start with white.
To make a dark and narrow room brighter and wider, we can use white for the basis of our decoration. Because white is the color that will reflect the incoming light and spread to each side of your room. After the white color becomes the basic color in the room, you can add a mirror to reflect the light from your white color.
However, the mirror will not work properly without the white color on your wall. White will provide more light in the room continuously, and they reflect the light that comes and returns to other surfaces. So if you want bright shades in the room, all you have to do first is paint your room with white walls and your ceiling.
For those of you who want a maximum impression in the room, you can add white to white wall art, frames, furniture, curtains, and also your bed.
Brighten Your Wall.
Water your walls with light that will keep your room bright and bright, so even if you have a room with a light on the ceiling, adding scones to your wall can be a consideration that will water your walls with brighter and brighter light.
This method is even better when you place wall scones in a low-light room. Consider when you use a pot lamp to your ceiling, what if you bring your lamp closer to the wall to water the light into your wall’s fig. This method is really effective in giving a charming appeal like your cupboard or brick wall.
In addition to wall scones, you can also add undercabinet lighting. This lighting also gives you the same effect as scones on your wall, they will provide additional light sourced from the edges and balance the shadow effects of your cabinet.
To give your ceiling light, you can change your ceiling lights by using a semi-flush lamp to hang a little under the ceiling, this way provides light attenuation on your ceiling to simulate the effect of your sky lighting.
To create an attraction in the wall art area, you can add picture blurry on both sides of your wall art to add a focal point to your favorite art. Table lamps are also a good choice for your furniture and the lighting will spread to your walls, especially in a classic feel.
Cold impression.
In fact, natural light has a cooler impression compared to the yellow incandescent bulbs. So providing an additional blue color will give more excitement and cool feeling in your room and this reminds us of the sky’s tone. Blue becomes cold for neutral tones and works well for every accent tone that you enter into your room.
The black color is a little counterintuitive, but when you enter black charcoal tones for the room. You will get a contrast that gives a more captivating impression to your more popular lighting areas. Photo frames, fabrics with patterns will be a contrast to the perfect dose of darkness in the room.
Give a touch of blue and black tones to a room to add a beach vibe that gives the impression of a charming seaside vacation with lots of natural light when summer arrives.
Light bulb.
Blue alone might not be enough to complement your style, but you can update your light bulbs with brighter output that resembles cold daytime tones. The yellow light has a warm tone to the room but gives a beautiful, more intimate impression. However, for those of you who want a fresher impression you can try using a “white” bulb.
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Your floor becomes an important part of your room and they have a big enough impact on the success of your decor. To add a more luxurious impression, you can use Runner Rugs with a more upbeat tone that will brighten your floor. Use a carpet with traditional motifs with a slightly striking color to cover up the dirt on your carpet.
It’s important that you have a natural interaction with lighting and also shadows, highlights, and lowlights that attract your view. And they do not match the look of large boxes with super bright lighting. Add lights to light up your dark corners, but don’t overdo it in adding. Leaving a few shadows on will give the impression that your room has depth and also live in it.

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