Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try

Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try

Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

We’ve said over and over again that the kitchen is a high-traffic space and is used the most in a day. It is in this room that we can organize meals, prepare birthday cakes, try some new recipes, and hide secret recipes from our ancestors. This is really a room with high traffic levels and takes up a lot of our time. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to get the best look for their kitchen, the Simple modern kitchen design style is one of the choices that give a sense of comfort and also a completely unbearable appearance.

These simple modern kitchen design ideas will guide you in detail to create a cozy feel with an elegant look that makes preparatory activities even more fun. Create a completely fun flow with the following ideas!

Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try

Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try
Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try

Give it a new coat of paint
The first simple modern kitchen design ideas are the easiest way with maximum results for your room! Even to a slacker like me, this job sounds pretty fun. Coloring the cabinets, yes, it’s a bit of labor and costly work but it’s the simplest and most effective way to create an update to a dull-looking kitchen.

Even a kitchen with wood that looks dull and old will turn out to be more charming and look modern with a slight update to the colors in the cabinets.

Consider bringing in a white semi-gloss tone to make the kitchen feel brighter and coat it with bolder tones like blue or emerald green for a refreshing feel. The project of painting the cabinets would not have cost a fortune, but the result was not in doubt.

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Bring in houseplants
A simple tip for updating the atmosphere in the kitchen is to bring in some ornamental plants. With ornamental plants and flowers in the kitchen, you will keep the space feeling more refreshing. The most sensible choice for the kitchen is to bring in aloe vera, this plant in addition to having the benefit of purifying the air they are also a plant to treat burns that often get when cooking.

However, an orchid in a pot is also an added draw for any space.

Create a new look on the backsplash
simple modern kitchen design ideas next are to improve an item in the kitchen, try to consider an update on the new backsplash. A properly installed backsplash has its own appeal for the kitchen, so it’s not wrong to spend more investment to improve the appearance of the kitchen in the backsplash area.

Use a backsplash with a modern material using geometric tiles in white or gray for a more eye-catching look. The choice of mosaic or porcelain tile is a sensible idea to consider! Given that the backsplash is the most visible area in the kitchen, making drastic changes will give your kitchen more character. So, don’t hesitate to update your existing look!

Update Hardware
Many people think that hardware in the kitchen is just a decoration! However, in reality, updating the existing look can be a lot of fun. Simple modern kitchen design ideas by updating the look of existing devices with a sleeker look will spontaneously enhance the feel of a more modern kitchen.

Consider using items with a silver, gold, or copper appearance this sounds simple. However, the results you will get are absolutely captivating!

Think about storage
Updating the appearance is indeed a very natural thing to increase the atmosphere in a room, but simple modern kitchen design ideas are not just the appearance! One of the elements that will make a modern kitchen truly captivating is the simple and organized appearance of the space.

simple modern kitchen design ideas that should not be forgotten is to optimize storage in the kitchen. Bring in items that really work for you and minimize items that don’t work for you. By making a priority list, setting and selecting items will be easier to do.

More simple modern kitchen design ideas you must try!

Use pop tones on the wardrobe; We have said at the beginning that to update the atmosphere in the kitchen is to change the appearance of the existing colors. The choice of pop colors in the wardrobe will make it look more modern, the open shelves in natural wood with gold chrome tones are a great combination to create a modern vibe in the kitchen.

  1. Accent; Bring in some accents that add masculine detail to your kitchen. Options such as a leather stool or a minimalist chandelier are items that must be considered as they will give more appeal to your modern style. Try pairing them with simple white cabinets with a black kitchen island for the perfect contrast.
  2. Wood beam; Adding wooden shelves to the kitchen is an inevitable temptation, but try to give wooden beams to your ceiling this item will give the impression of an elongated space with added visual interest.
  3. Bench; The wicker feature was a trend in the past year, using it in the kitchen will give you a warmer impression. However, for this year we love how the copper or brass benches come with a break that complements the modern kitchen look.
  4. Floor remodel; If you want to enhance the atmosphere of a modern kitchen by changing the floor, try using a retro-style black and white tile and combine it with a pendant lamp with a funky light color for a more fun modern appeal.
  5. Statement ceiling; The simple appearance of modern kitchen design with neutral and all-white colors already describes a modern feel in the kitchen, but giving a little touch to the ceiling to make it look more dramatic should not be forgotten. Give your ceiling a touch of color and let the viewers of the room take it straight to it!

Basically, the trend of changing styles and the appearance of modern spaces keeps changing from time to time, but to maintain a durable and long-lasting appearance. Simple modern kitchen design ideas with clean black and white nuances can be considered!

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