How are you doing with your primary bedroom? Have you designed it to always be comfortable when you live in it? On this occasion, I will share tips on decorating the primary bedroom easily and with maximum results for your convenience.

When it comes to decorating my bedroom, I always prioritize comfort, freshness, and appearance. Remembering that the bedroom is the first room and the last room that we will live in every day. The space where we dream and will make it come true!

Basically, there are 5 basic tricks for decorating the primary bedroom that you must know.

Tips and tricks for primary bedroom decoration

Room Size

If you are starting to decorate your master bedroom, it would be better if you start by knowing the existing dimensions. Basically, bedroom comfort is not measured based on the size of the room! When you have a bedroom that is too wide, then you need some additional furniture such as a table at the end of the bed, tv and so on.

Decorating a bedroom is not always about the completeness of your furniture, but how can you maximize the size of the existing space so that it can create a sense of comfort for its users?

Floor Area

When it comes to decorating the floor area, I really like the wood feel in the bedroom. The use of wood shades gives the impression of a more natural, warm, and luxurious space. Also, I suggest adding a fluffy rug!

The placement of fluffy carpets in the bedroom will add a sense of comfort to the footrests and improve the quality of the bedroom itself.

Instead of covering the floor area with carpet, I prefer to place the carpet under the bed area. This method will delineate your bed area while providing additional warmth for the feet.

Bed Area

Simple Primary Bedroom

Simple Primary Bedroom

Of course! This is the most important area for a bedroom because this is where we will unwind after a hard day’s work. Thus make sure you are quite comfortable and comfortable here. I prefer beds that are easy to maintain because I don’t have much time to maintain them!

I only brought in a few items like extra pillows, sheets, blankets, and duvets! Easy to tidy up, wash, and care for is what I prioritize here. To increase the charm of the bed just add some accessories pillows in bolder tones and fluffy blankets in there.

If you have a small primary bedroom, then consider a bed with extra storage! This idea will work for those of you who want to save space and keep your bedroom tidy.

Window Cover

Don’t forget about space privacy! Window coverings of the highest quality are something that should not be overlooked. A carefully selected window covering will add a soft, luxurious look, and increase the comfort inside.

Want a Scandinavian-style bedroom? Here’s a design idea that you can try!


The final idea for primary bedroom decoration is lighting! In designing a space, make sure you present several layers of lighting as well for your bedroom. Try to incorporate pendant lights, wall lamps, and task lights as well.

This lighting arrangement will give you more flexibility and give more impact to the appearance of the bedroom.

Those are the 5 main elements of primary bedroom decoration! When you start building a bedroom, be sure to prioritize comfort and functionality in it. Use the furniture you really need, don’t overdo it!