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Rugs Area is the best choice to add to the impression of the design in your room, be a trick for defining the room, and a way that will provide additional warmth. Rugs come from many types of material choices that you can choose from wool, natural grass, and also synthetic choices. However, rugs will not always be fun because they can also be smelly and dirty! So do not forget to prepare a tool of war to make rugs become cleaner and stay comfortable to be in your room.
Rugs that are on wooden floors can require a little trick to make rugs cleaner and more maximized. To assist you in cleaning rugs on wooden floors, we have done a few simple tricks and have summarized them in this article, so keep scrolling to get answers in your cleaning.

Clean Rugs on Hardwood Flooring

Simple Tips to Clean Rugs on Hardwood Flooring

Do you clean the rugs more often?
Basically, rugs area must get maintenance at least once a week, and this treatment is the most effective way to remove dust and dirt in the rugs that can penetrate the fiber and make the fiber rugs become tangled. Sand and dirt can also be a problem in your cleaning, because when sand and dirt multiply they can become a fiber destroyer and can scratch your wooden floors.
Besides dust, spills can also be an inevitable problem in the rugs area. In fact, the existing moisture can seep into the rugs and penetrate the surface of your floor. Moisture trapped in rugs can also be a patch of water on a wooden surface that is difficult to remove. To get cleanliness and maintain the durability of rugs, you must clean at least 3 times a year and clean more often when traffic is busier and there are often spills there.
Tools preparation


  • Bristle Brush
  • Small bowl
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Tarp
  • Sponges
  • towel
  • Vacuum




  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Bleach (oxygen base)
  • Stain remover
  • Rugs Special Shampoo


Steps to Clean Rugs
Vacuum Dirt
Be it a thorough cleaning or routine maintenance, prepare your vacuum cleaner, and vacuum each side of the rugs. And if possible vacuum the above and below rugs for maximum results. Or you can take the rugs out of the rocking and dusters so they don’t stick to the wood surface.
Maybe not many people know about it! However, the protective pad under the rugs is something more important to clean than your rugs. The pad will be a rugs guard so it does not move, becomes an item that will make the rugs endurance longer, and prevents sand, dust, and spills from damaging the appearance of the floor surface.
When you invest in a pad, make sure you look for a pad that has a rubber or natural fiber material that allows them to not stick and stain the surface of the floor. Because some PVC has a reaction on chemicals for your surface and is a factor that will make the color change and stick.
For small size rugs with busy traffic, using anti-slip pads is the best choice for your rugs. And for rugs for the furniture area, you can use a thicker layer for your comfort.

For perfect cleaning, make sure you remove the pad and clean your pad. Basically, rugs cleaning time is the best time to clean and check under the floor area.

For those of you who find stains in the rugs area, use a plastic tablecloth under the stained rugs area. This is the easiest way to protect your floor area from moisture.
Using spot cleaners with a liquid tea solution and dishwasher mixed with warm water can be effective for cleaning stains and food spills. This is easy! You only need to apply the solution to the stained area and then rub it with a soft bristle brush, leave it on for 15 minutes to soak it in, and wash with water in a damp cloth.
Dip the water in clean water and then wipe the stained area to rinse the remaining soap solution. For stains that still stick, you can use warm water with an oxygen-based bleach mixture. Apply to the area that still leaves stains and allow it to dry.

Lift rugs and use books to make air circulation in and make drying faster.

Eliminating Odor
For Rugs with a strong smell, you can start sprinkling baking soda on every inch of rugs. Use a gel sponge to evenly spread the sprinkling of baking soda in your rugs. Leave them 2-3 hours or even a full night, this being the most effective trick for removing odors and easy to clean.
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Thorough cleaning area
You can’t clean all sides of the rugs without moving them first, so prepare.


  • Do suction in your rugs
  • Roll Rugs and bedding
  • Suck the floor area again to clean up the dirt and dust left behind
  • Use sheeting and use masking tape to keep it from shaking
  • Then put your rugs on it.


Use Shampoo And Mop Rugs
Before using shampoo, make sure you read the label listed, maybe your shampoo needs to be retailed or maybe it can be used directly from the bottle. Apply shampoo on a sponge, use it on rugs without having to wet it too deeply. The bristled brush works on areas with stubborn stains, then you can dip the mop in clean water and rinse the fibers to remove any soap left. Make sure no soap is left behind!
Clean Steamer
When you are ready, rugs can be cleaned in the area of your home using steaming rugs. However, make sure you read the recommended instructions and cleaners.

For rug areas, you should use a sponge or microfiber cloth to clean it with dish soap and warm water. Rinse with water and dry using a clean towel. After drying, use your fingers to straighten the fiber.

Dry it
Open the window, use the fan to speed up your drying. You can pile up books or lift a few rugs so that air circulation goes well and speeds up your drying. Make sure you flip the rugs to get drying on both sides.
Material from rugs can be a matter of time in drying your rugs. Make sure the rugs are dry before returning them to the wooden floor area.


  • Give it back
  • Roll the rugs that have been cleaned
  • Remove the plastic sheeting
  • If you can, take the rugs outside and clean them


For finishing, you can use your vacuum to clean the dust in the rugs area.

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