Small Bedroom

Many apartment users or minimalist room owners consider that a small bedroom is bad news. However, think about it again! Small bedrooms have less area to clean, are comfortable, have less clutter (if you can manage them), and are easier to design. Not all small bedrooms cannot be attractive, even small bedrooms can be changed to be more attractive and look bigger than they are.
If you are one of those who live in an apartment or have a small bedroom, it’s time to rearrange the design of your room! A small bedroom can be bigger with the following simple tricks:

Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Small Bedroom
Color Game
Many of you have heard, right? Minimalist rooms will look bigger when mixed with white color because white will open up space and make the room seem more spacious. And this is true! While the dark color will make the room feel vertically recede, and make the room feel more cramped (tightness).
So why don’t you take advantage of the charm of using this color? Consider using white tones in your small bedroom, and darker tones for one wall. This will show a dramatic impression on a minimalist room, we like the look of calm cool tones on one of the accent walls that will make you sleep more soundly.
Free Floor
When you have a small room, and adding small rugs there you will only give the room a smaller view! And for all types of floors that you use, to give the impression of a room feels bigger, think of the wall to the wall display. You can use hardwood rugs or laminates with a shiny look to make the room feel even bigger. And if rugs are a must-have accessory in the bedroom, you can get rugs that are large in size and can fill space.
This method will add warmth to your feet and provide a more visual appearance in it.
Watch Your Pattern
Even if you have a small room there, this doesn’t mean you can’t get additional patterns or textures in it! One way to give a broader look, you can use a little pattern or a large print on the bedroom.
We love how to throw pillows, sheets, or a lampshade decorates our minimal space. A matching pattern will vibrate your small space and this will give the illusion of a space that feels bigger.
Remember! A dark room will feel more crowded, so make your lighting more maximal there. Even for a room that is used for relaxing and sleeping though, you need at least 2 lights there. Use the bedside lamp, and another for floor lighting across the room. In addition, the use of wall sconces will increase the dramatic impression on your room and the chandelier is no less fun!
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Mirror and Mirror
To create the latest illusion in a room, consider using a wall mirror. The mirror will reflect incoming lighting and create the illusion that the room feels bigger than it is. Use at least one large mirror to fill one of your walls.
One large mirror can be a better alternative to create the illusion of space!
Use curtains to filter out the lighting in the bedroom, besides providing soft lighting the use of curtains will add to your privacy. The trick in using it is to hang it as high as possible (1-2 inches below the ceiling line). This will make your ceiling feel taller and give you a more dramatic atmosphere when you sleep!

To choose the right curtain in a minimalist room, you can use the same color as the wall, or a little darker!

Leave the Footboard alone
Many homeowners like how the headboard will balance out the surface of the bed, mat, or bench. However, this small bedroom might not be needed! Its use will take up more of your space and make it inefficient. You can replace it by using a bed skirt with a blanket or add sheets to cover the floor. In this way, you will get an unbroken line that will make the eyes moved and make the room bigger.
To make the appearance of a small bedroom look bigger, you can use a few tricks above. However, the key to the actual arrangement is how you can manage and keep any chaos in place, and always get rid of clutter in the bedroom! Each mess will take up more of your area and this will make the room look more crowded!

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