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When many people think that decorating a room is an easy activity and does not require much consideration. We don’t even agree with them at all! We are a group of people who believe that decorating a room is a sacred activity that gives a description of the owner of the house itself. We always try to decorate your room and give the impression that this room is a room that gives a certain impression to those who enter it. We really devote all our thoughts and experiences when decorating the room, now we make this article to give you inspiration from how to make the room more memorable with the use of existing color tones.

Simple Tricks Make The Room More Colorful

Simple Tricks Make The Room More Colorful

Let’s start with the use of a color palette
The color palette is the first thing to consider when you try to open a room scheme for an atmosphere you want. However, basically, this is not an easy thing to do because there are so many choices available! The easiest thing to know is how to choose a color palette that suits you personally. You can go to your room and open the closet! What color did you find the most there? Is that a subtle blue with a calming impression? Or pure white? This is the fastest way to find out where you can start.
Choice of Pallets for each room
Color selection is not just for one of your rooms, but make a selection for each room in your home with a comparison of colors in each room. The use of color palettes in each room can be a different choice from one another, but make sure your choices can work together to create a truly great room.
To give an accent color in every room, make sure you think about how you will make an impression on it! As the bedroom you use to relax and rests every night then, you are better off using blue tones with a relaxed and soothing impression. Or in the dining area to provide an additional appetite, red can be the best choice to increase appetite.
Neutral Tone
When you are done with the main note and also the accent scheme for your room, it’s time to enter some neutral notes that will coordinate in the room. The choice of white, brown, or black is a color choice that will maximize the main colors that are used in the room, the use of neutral tones will directly maximize the impression in the room.

The use of additional colors to add color to the room is also important to do! This addition will maximize the impression in the room and make the room more fun!

Give Dramatic Impression
In fact, every room has a piece that gives a great impact there. This piece is like a furniture or accent wall with a nuanced color. Give extra bold colors to the wall or furniture that is the center of attention. Maybe in some cases, you can add color to the bookshelves, upholstery, and curtains.
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To provide maximum results in the use of color in the room, you can do the main color repetition on some small parts in your room. Accessories, pillows, or some wall art can be an option to spread the main colors in the room.
Employ Accent Color
We always want the addition of colors in each of our rooms or the second color in the room. The second color in the room we do as the main color that we have chosen. The second color is a color that will complement the existing display with a tone that is almost the same as the main color! The idea is to make the two colors work together and give maximum results to the room (Accentuating the impression of the main color).

Don’t worry too much about color selection! It remains basic in decorating the room, plays your imagination, and dare to take risks.

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