Simple and Functional Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple and Functional Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Back again with a small bathroom in the house. Having a small layout can be really challenging, but having a small space isn’t something to worry about. You need to know, small bathrooms (small spaces) have more optimization methods in them.

You don’t need to go to other sites to find out how to optimize small bathrooms, to get the maximum functionality in it. In fact, you can try it directly in a small bathroom at home. This idea is really effective to maximize the function and appearance of a small bathroom in the smallest space.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple and Functional Small Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Mirror and Mirror
To maximize the appearance of a small bathroom in the house, using a mirror can help you to reflect light and make any small room feel bigger. What’s more, the use of a mirror will make the room feel more open. The best placement for a mirror in a small bathroom is in front of natural light, on a dressing table, or in a narrow corner.

2. Consider the toilet
For small spaces, using a tank toilet should be considered. In addition to being an option that saves floor space, this wall-mounted toilet will be more effective for small spaces. One way to get around this toilet is to add a hanging rack above the tank to store your extra tissue and towels.

3. No Bath
You have to consider it! The use of a bathtub in the bathroom will take up more of your floor space when you eliminate the tub the space will be more open and you will have more floor area to optimize. However, if you really want to leave the bathtub in the house using a bathtub of medium height (allowing it to ride on children) it would be a better idea.

4. Steep without showers
This one is the small bathroom design choice that we like the most. Consider removing the sidewalks around the shower, and get a more flexible floor to the shower area. This idea will be maximized when combined with concrete floors, and also tiles.

5. Glass Tub
What do you think of the curtain in your shower? Do they function well and not block you from bathing? We have never liked how the shower curtain sticks to the body when we shower, and even the maintenance of this curtain can be very difficult. We tried to replace it using frosted glass panels, and the extraordinary results we got from it.

Using the glass panel in the shower area makes our small bathroom look more open and eight, the light that comes in can also penetrate the glass panel we installed and make the space open. We recommend using a pull and push glass panel, rather than using a sliding glass panel that uses top and bottom tracks (this can be difficult to maintain).

6. Open shelves and hanging shelves
For small spaces, using open storage or maximizing existing vertical space is the most sensible idea to make your small space more optimal. Wall shelves, hanging shelves, or open storage will make the room feel more spacious and a roomy illusion you will get.

7. Floating Sinks and Vanity
The idea is the same as using a wall toilet, using a floating sink will be a way to save floor space and be a good way to optimize the small bathroom in your home.

8. Dark colors on the bottom and brighter to the top
This is a trick for maximizing small bathrooms, using dark colors at the bottom and brighter when going up is the smartest idea for you to try. Floors can have a darker color, however, walls and ceilings should be brighter. When you use dark tones in a small bathroom, you will only get a smaller look indoors.

9. Wall Accents
Using the accent display on one side of the wall will maximize the look of your small bathroom. And the good news is using different wallpapers or colors there won’t cost a lot of budgets. Using accent walls will also add color to the room and make your bathroom look more colorful.

Diy Bathroom Storage

10. Prepare Storage
The main problem in small spaces is how they fall apart faster. We always write it in our articles, we always recommend readers to bring in the storage area in their small space.

11. Take care of the Item
Make sure you only bring items or furniture that you really need in the bathroom. Not the furniture you want! Remember that your bathroom is small, and don’t try to bring various items and furniture into it without planning.

Keeping small spaces clean and orderly is a way of optimizing the space you should record and do. At the very least, you should try to return each item to its original place and bring in a basket or trash bin to keep dirt in the room.

The main thing in the design of a small bathroom is to maintain chaos and maximize the appearance of that in it. When you have a small bathroom, all you have to do is look for ways of optimization instead of spending money on shopping for furniture or storage.

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