Small Bathroom Design With Shower

Bathing with rain (shower) is a comfort when relieving fatigue after a busy day with a variety of jobs. But the story is different for a small bathroom, a bathroom with a smaller size will be a decoration challenge to enter and manage your shower.

Although this might be a little inconvenient, it doesn’t mean that small bathrooms can’t have areas with rain showers. For those of you who want a small bathroom design with a shower, you’ve found the right site! We have a trick to designing a shower in a small bathroom. To get a comfortable and functional shower area in the bathroom, you should consider several existing optimizations. Some designers have a standard size to include a shower that is a size 36 inches. But, for those who have a smaller space, maybe 30 inches you should pay attention to some minimum requirements for rain space.

Some challenges come when there is little room for optimization by entering a shower. At the very least, you have to do calculations about the size of the room would you be comfortable there? Will the arm strike the rain wall? When you bend down to pick up distant soap do you hit the wall or the door of the rain room? and do you get extra storage to put the mand equipment? To help you optimize your rain room, there are a number of things you should consider.

Small Bathroom Design With Shower

Trick Small Bathroom Design With Shower More Easily

Use Glass as a substitute for curtains
For a small bathroom, the curtain should not be a cover for your shower area. Why is that? Of course, the curtain will block the light and make the room feel more cramped, especially the curtain attached to the elbow or hand when bathing will be very annoying. And to do maintenance on the curtains will be very difficult.

Replace your curtains with glass, the use of glass is a better choice for small bathroom design with shower. In addition to being more practical, the use of glass materials will open the room and create a more spacious illusion.

To find the most sensible area to place the shower area, you can use the corner of the bathroom to build a comfortable shower area. Placement in the corner of the room, corner of the tub, or between equipment will make it easy for you to open the shower area.

Pay attention! You must have a clearance area at the front door of the shower area at least 2 feet to facilitate entry and exit of the shower area.

DIY Bathroom Storage

Create a niche
Bringing in a box of extra storage into the shower area will never work! Because you already have a very limited area in it. So don’t even think to add a box of storage is an idea to solve your problem! However, consider changing the cavity between the studs and making a niche for storage.

A niche in the shower area is the answer to hidden storage in a shower room. The addition of a niche will make the shower room more optimal and does not take much space of course.

Combination with Bathup
For those of you who really have a small space, but keep the shower inside. Why not try to combine bathtub with shower in one room? Use a room that has resistance to splashing water. You can try using a mold model with two or more parts, this is a more reasonable solution, right?

Eliminate the Bathtub
For those who rarely soak in a bathtub, maybe removing it and replacing it with the shower area is the best choice to do. The bathtub area is only about 30 inches long, but by using optimization in several corners, you will get a comfortable shower area in a small space though.

For those of you who don’t have more budget to use glass as a barrier on Small Bathroom Design With Shower, using curtains with non-sticky material on the skin can be a good idea. Like polyester, this strong, non-sticky material on the skin can be an option for those who are pressing down on expenses.

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