Small Bathroom DIY Remodel

Let’s Try Easy Small Bathroom DIY Remodel Project

Small Bathroom DIY Remodel

So how are you with the small bathroom in it? Have you started to feel bored with the village? So what are you waiting for? Bring a brush and a few dollars to remodel in it. Maybe you think about it too. Bathroom remodel projects can cost you more, but change your mind after reading this small bathroom DIY remodel.

Basically, a bathroom remodels project can spend around $ 11,000, and for an upscale remodel it can reach $ 30,000. Hmm, great isn’t it? so imagine how luxurious your own $ 30,000 bathroom is. However, doing a bathroom remodel project doesn’t have to spend that much money! With a little finesse and creativity, DIY remodels small bathroom projects can minimize your expenses. In fact, you might only need $ 2,500- $ 4,000.

Isn’t this interesting? So why don’t you read this article and get the most effective idea to remodel in the bathroom without having to spend a lot of dollars and destroy your plastic card!

Small Bathroom DIY Remodel Project

Small Bathroom DIY Remodel

-Minimize the Use of Tiles
Tiles and more tiles can be an item that is quite expensive for bathroom construction projects. Even when you spend money on experts, this will make your expenses swell right? A simple trick to save on your expenses is to minimize the use of tiles and focus on certain areas. You might consider installing tiles in a horizontal area along the wall, and other walls covered with paint.

To create an attraction with artistic tiles, you can try to make an accent point on one side of the wall in the bathroom. Not only looks good, but artistic tiles can be an item for focal points in the room. Worth the consideration right? An artistic tile for the focal point and saves expenses. Worth a try!

-Counter Tops
The trend on the surface of granite is really developing! However, for the bathroom, this trend will be inferior to the trend of the use of granite on the kitchen surface. But, do you know what makes granite material expensive enough for a room? Color! The color displayed on a granite determines the price of a surface, bright or neutral colors like brown, white, cream are the colors that are really popular today and expensive! So, to minimize expenses you have to do color mixing to save expenses.

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And another way to try is to buy granite that has a little imperfection (blisters or little cracks). You can negotiate closely with granite providers when the appearance of granite looks unpleasant or imperfect. The way to cover it is by placing granite in areas that are not visible or rarely noticed such as in a sink.

The next small bathroom remodel project is to do a color change in the bathroom! For those of you who have strong funds, changing the whole color of the room (repainting) can be the fastest idea to do. And this is the most effective way to update the look of your bathroom. But. . .

Even repainting in a small bathroom will take longer than you think! Why? The bathroom is quite a small space, but you can not directly paint in the shower area, bathtub, mirror, toilet? What’s more, your bathroom is the humid area in the house, painting one full space in a damp area. Huh, so tiring!

We prefer to paint one side of the wall in the box, updating the color on one wall will make the accent look more fun and great. However, make sure you buy a paint that has good quality with a satin finish. When you really want to update all the paint in the bathroom, make sure you have made plans for this big project.

Look around you, every small detail in the bathroom must be considered. Lights, faucets, shelves, and also the items inside. Updating some small items available will make your bathroom feel more luxurious and fresher. So don’t forget to check every inch of your room for updates! Small items will not spend a lot of dollars, right?

-Renovating Not a New Buy
Buying a new bathtub or shower can be a remodel project that consumes a lot of budgets! Instead of investing, what if doing renovations? Doing a little polish on the tub or shower will refresh the look without having to pay a lot!

-New Light Source Updates
For a small bathroom, DIY remodel project, you must consider adding or replacing existing light sources in the bathroom. For a small space, good lighting is a must for you! With good lighting, the room will look more open and make it more spacious. Natural lighting, accent, ambient, and task! Update your lighting source to optimize your small space.

-Be Fresher with Plants
The final project of the Small Bathroom DIY Remodel is to add plants into the bathroom. Green plants in the bathroom will clean the air inside, and also make the bathroom feel fresher. In addition, plants in the bathroom will minimize the spread of chemicals produced from soap and other bath items.

So what do you think? Does the Small Bathroom DIY Remodel Project look expensive? No right? It all depends on the quality and how you plan to spend the funds for this simple project. So, bring a pen and a sheet of paper to estimate your expenses later.

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