Small Bathroom Floor Tile

The selection of small bathroom floor tile ideas can be based on several supporting factors that must be considered. When asking some interior design experts about how to choose a good tile in the bathroom, then you will get different answers from each other. Even cases like this will continue to occur when asking how to make a small bathroom look bigger with the use of tiles, the answer to your question will not be entirely correct!

First, when you want to use tiles in a small bathroom, the first thing to do is how the tiles will look and the impression you want to show in the bathroom. For a private bathroom, only you will use this room, so the consideration in choosing tiles is how tiles can display a feeling that doesn’t bore you. Selection of the right tile for one bathroom and another bathroom can be different, everyone has their own tastes, styles, and needs. So, this is what makes many designers have a variety of opinions that are different from each other.

Small Bathroom Floor Tile Tips

Small Bathroom Floor Tile

Small Bathroom Floor Tile

The first idea for Small Bathroom Floor Tile is color selection

For bathrooms with small sizes, the use of neutral colors is the best! Of course, you’ve heard it often, right? That neutral color will reflect incoming light and spread to every corner of space. The use of lighter colors such as white, beige, and light gray is a color choice that will make the illusion of a small bathroom bigger.

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With a bright tone, then you will get an illusion that more space flows from one side to another and if used on a wall you will get the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Tile size
When selecting tile sizes, using a larger tile size will make space appear smaller (at least this is the reality). And another bitter reality is the use of tiles with smaller sizes, will make you spend more money! But, this is really real tiles with larger sizes such as 60×60, or 80×80 will damage the view in small spaces.

But smaller tiles with lots of grout also make the bathroom look small … Wow, it’s very confusing, isn’t it?

So, how to use good tiles in a small bathroom? Good use in a small bathroom is to use a medium-sized tile or with a large tile that has enough grout lines with grout tones that will fit in the room. In this way, you will get a better view of the flowing space, and not disturb the size of the room. And the modern look you will get!

Layout and Fixture
When you want to get the best small bathroom floor tile ideas, the layout and also appearance of the tile fixture will also affect the appearance! Placement of various equipment and also installation has a big impact on the illusion of how big your room will be. A small bathroom with a faucet, sink, and other items will make the room narrow and unpleasant.

One tip in choosing a piece of good bathroom equipment is to choose equipment with a sleeker, modern look that will match the look of the bathroom, and keep the bathroom in its best performance.

Laying tiles with a diagonal display is a good idea to make the bathroom look bigger. With the appearance of the diagonals, we will get the illusion that this room is much bigger than it really is. The eyes will automatically be drawn at the diagonal point in the bathroom, and our brain will keep asking how many tiles are there! If this sounds strange, you can try it for yourself.

The above is a simple trick for Small bathroom floor tile ideas, the final result of how to choose tiles entirely in your hands. So, don’t hesitate to try new things! If you have other ideas, write them in the comments column. Hopefully inspired.

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