Many think that a small bathroom remodels project is a faster project than a large bathroom remodel. However, the reality is that this overhaul project isn’t exactly that fast! This is because large or small bathrooms have the same main components in them.

However, you can remodel your bathroom more quickly and effectively using our small bathroom remodel tips. We’ve rounded up some small bathroom remodeling tips that work effectively and make your remodeling project go faster and at a lower cost!

Here are small bathroom remodel tips that you can consider!

Start With Planning

The first small bathroom remodel tips are to make a basic plan for your remodeling project. Basically, bathrooms can be divided into 4 types of bathrooms, and knowing which type you have will make remodeling projects run more quickly and effectively. Types of bathrooms include:

Dressing room

This one bathroom is an area that is often owned by a larger house and usually has half the size of the bathroom. This is the ideal type for those who do not want complete facilities in their bathroom.

With a smaller size and with limited equipment, this dressing room is a room that can be remodeled more quickly. However, for those who own this space, there is definitely another bathroom waiting to be filled!

Full bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips Quickly and Precisely

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips Quickly and Precisely

This one is a bathroom that has the most complete function of a dressing table, toilet, shower area, and also sink area. This is a bathroom that is often used by homeowners! This bathroom is widely used with complete equipment and various materials that can be used to fill it.

To remodel this type of bathroom, you need really careful planning because every area needs more attention!

Bathroom for guests

This type can be said as a copy of the complete bathroom that you have. However, some homeowners prefer to empty the children’s bathroom and make it a guest bathroom. This is because the guest bathroom is not used all the time (only when guests come).

This bathroom belongs to the secondary type bathroom which means that the renovation in it does not cost much.

Master bathroom

This one is the most fully serviced bathroom and is used every day! In a house with a bathroom, it means that it can function as the main bathroom. With a size that is not too big, small bathroom remodel tips that can be practiced is to remodel it using quality materials, equipment with the best durability.

Who uses the bathroom?

To make your remodeling project easier, the next small bathroom remodel tips is to determine who will use your bathroom. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose materials and what kind of renovation can be done.


If this is the main bathroom, then you can consider adding storage cabinets and some items with high-end materials. When you remodel a bathroom that you use yourself, make sure to make it as comfortable as possible and make sure it has a non-boring look.

This is because you will use this bathroom for years!


Small bathroom remodeling tips for your child’s bathroom is to use materials that can last a long time and handle abuse in them. Making sure to have non-slip floors, and waterproof walls is the most sensible idea for a kid’s bathroom remodeling project!

Bathroom remodel tips on a budget!


For the guest bathroom, we advise you to use medium-quality materials! With the addition of some simple storage for items your guests bring.


Small bathroom remodel tips for elderly users are to add some supporting features such as handrails and slip-resistant areas.

DIY Project or PRO Worker?

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips Quickly and Precisely

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips Quickly and Precisely

Many people ask, is it better to do a renovation project yourself or hire a professional? And it depends on how you evaluate your performance! Apart from personal abilities, you should also pay attention to the budget and time you have.

Small bathroom remodeling tips can be done by professional workers if you are a person who does not have enough skills or time. However, it also requires you to spend more money on it!

Material Choice

You can get a variety of options for your remodeling project, but each material has its pros and cons, right? Thus, you must be smart in choosing materials on the market. For small bathroom remodels the most appropriate tip is to do research on every available material.

Maybe browsing several stores and comparing prices is a good idea to choose!

Simple Tips For Small Bathroom Decoration

To make your bathroom remodeling project easier, here are quick design tips you can try:

  • Use the sink in the corner of the room, small bathroom remodel tips that work well is to place the sink in the corner of the room. A sink that is properly configured in the corner of the room will be a good saving in your space.
  • Sliding glass shower door or shower curtain, for a small bathroom having a hinged door is not a wise choice! Doors like this will not work well in your room, to maximize the appearance of a small bathroom you can consider using sliding doors or just closing with a curtain.
  • Dressing table, for small-scale indoor use, make sure to avoid using a dresser with sharp corners! The use of a table with sharp corners is quite dangerous for you and other bathroom users. So, the choice of a dressing table with rounded corners is a better idea.
  • Use patterns on a large scale, no matter what pattern you use to decorate your bathroom. The choice of a pattern with a larger size will work better to complete the look of your small bathroom. This pattern will also produce the impression of a space that feels more spacious than it actually is!
  • Wall Mirrors, Small bathroom remodel tips that will give the appearance of another larger space is to use a mirror on one wall (across from the incoming light). The mirror effect that doubles the space is the key to this optimization! Proper placement will also make your room feel 2x bigger than it really is.
  • Towel hangers, for small-scale rooms, minimizing the use of the floor area are the best way to maximize the appearance of your space. Use vertical areas to add some storage, hanging shelves are a great idea to make the space feel more spacious.
  • Dressing table with open shelves, with this shelf you will not find a door that prevents you from getting the items you need. Instead of using a cabinet with a tightly closed door, the use of a cabinet without a door is a small bathroom optimization to try.

Applying the Small bathroom remodel tips above will make your room look more charming, and remodeling projects can be done more quickly and efficiently!