Simple Small Bedroom Arrangement

It’s a Simple Small Bedroom Arrangement You Must Try

Small Bedroom Arrangement

After we talk about how to organize a bedroom, it’s time we move on to a smaller bedroom size! In arranging the bedroom, we will focus on how to choose furniture and how to place it. In a small bedroom arrangement, we will focus extra on size and make a tighter filter on the choice of furniture in it. Creating a comfortable area, and emphasizing a sense of calm in it is the idea of a small bedroom arrangement that you must implement. Here are some small bedroom arrangement ideas that you should know.

Simple Small Bedroom Arrangement
Simple Small Bedroom Arrangement

The first thing you can do for a small bedroom arrangement is to try the asymmetrical method. Look around you, what is there that we will optimize. The bed has star furniture in the bedroom, and its strategic placement will allow you to get more space to organize the room. A bed in the center of the room, a side table, and an open cupboard on the opposite side are quite effective for space management.

Try using a wardrobe without doors and looking for a smaller width and tucking it in there, this can work well in a small space.

Using an asymmetrical look in a bedroom can work well even in a small bedroom. Having easy access to both sides of the bed will give the impression of a bedroom that is wider than the existing one. To maximize the appearance, you can use a smaller table with additional drawers for extra storage

Use One Bedside Table

This you can consider! The bedroom area is just a square with many limitations, especially when you have a smaller room. Consider eliminating one of the side tables, although these won’t be symmetrical anymore, they work great for small bedrooms. A matching side table as well as a cupboard with drawers makes for a wider view, and you will get additional enough space to walk beside the bed.

Please choose
When we have such a small room, we definitely have to make some sacrifices! Sometimes having a single wall is sufficient to place the bed, and maybe a side table can be too narrow. We have to sacrifice the table and replace it with an overhead shelf. And having a chest of drawers in the corner of the room is very sufficient, small bedroom arrangement means we have to choose a few items and sacrifice other items to get a comfortable place in the bedroom.

For those who want a more practical bedroom look, consider a custom wardrobe or a special wardrobe. With a custom wardrobe or a custom bed that is above storage, it can be the most effective option for your small room.

Yes, everyone knows how to hang clothes on the head of the bed! However, for me, this is not a good way for a small bedroom arrangement. Remember that you have 3 walls left, and using hanging shelves can be an alternative to making effective storage of clothes without taking up space.

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Tricks To Maximize Small Bedroom Arrangement

Vertical Area
In a small room, the floor area will certainly be very limited. And we are required to think more creatively about storage usage. Every small room has more area for maximization than just the floor area! The floor in a small area will more often be occupied by some mandatory furniture such as a cabinet, bed, nightstand, or dressing table. However, the good news is that you still have wall space that is free of various furniture and obstacles!

Using hanging storage racks can work better in a small space, apart from giving you additional storage these shelves will also make the decorations more charming.

Remember About Comfort and Confusion
In a small-scale room, you will get less space and this means that you will get messy faster. This is why you have to do the cleaning often or keep organizing every item in the room! Get a wicker basket and place it on the side of the bedroom where you can throw used clothes or the basket can be used as additional storage.

Stay comfortable
The latter! Remember the feelings in your bedroom. Even though this is a small scale room, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Work with what you have, and keep thinking about the sense of comfort and warmth that comes with that minimal square. A little splash of color on pillows, blankets, sheets, and curtains can give a more comfortable look. The small bedroom arrangement is not just about how you organize your space, but about the most efficient arrangement of space with a comfortable feeling that keeps flowing.

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